Lintas Media Group celebrates Foundation Day

Lintas Media Group celebrates Foundation Day

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Sep 23,2011 9:40 AM

Lintas Media Group celebrates Foundation Day

It was an unusual day at work for Lintas Media Group on September 22, 2011. Back in 1969, this was the day when Lintas was formed. And Lintas Media Group planned a full day of activities across cities to celebrate the day. This year, the Foundation Day was celebrated as ‘bring a family member to work’ day.

Speaking to exchange4media, Lynn de Souza, Chairman & CEO, Lintas Media Group said, “We are celebrating with employees and their families.”

Each Lintas office developed its own celebration plan with dress codes (for instance short skirts in Mumbai and national dress in Gurgaon), special menu (biryani in Mumbai and pizzas in Bangalore) and a whole score of entertainment with in-office games and activities. The in-office entertainment ranged from playing cartoons in the Gurgaon office and the Mumbai office buzzing with housie, fish ponds and so on. Each office had chosen its own games. Family members of Lintas-ites – kids, parents and spouses – were walking about in the office.

Over the years, Lintas has contributed some of the most famous names to the creative and entertainment industry – from filmmakers and directors such as Satyajit Ray and Shyam Benegal, to now R Balki (Chairman & CCO – Lowe Lintas), to photographers such as the late Gautam Rajyadhyaksha. There even are Bollywood stars that were first featured in a Lintas ad (the most popular example being Preity Zinta in Liril)

People like Alyque Padamsee and Gerson da Cunha are household names. de Souza observed, “Many leading marketing companies and ad agencies have ex-Lintas-ites at the helm. Lintas has always been a great place to learn the ropes of the business, and that continues even today.”

Lintas gave a commemorative gift, a mug, to each of its employees. It is a special piece made of fine porcelain, featuring the work of one of India’s most famous artists, who had created it especially for People for Animals, to raise funds for an animal hospital in North India. The mugs are part of a master collection of 100 limited edition pieces in each design. de Souza stated, “It is a symbol of creativity, compassion, universal friendship, and excellence – all the things that we in Lintas stand for.”

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