LG, Samsung slug it out

LG, Samsung slug it out

Author | Akshay Bhatnagar | Thursday, Sep 12,2002 7:56 AM

LG, Samsung slug it out

Talking a leaf out of the cola wars, Samsung has created an impact with its Team Samsung campaign. The campaign features seven Indian cricketers playing for Team Samsung, which is dubbed, as ‘Official sponsors of Digitalpassion.’ Peeved by this ambush, LG has gone ahead and signed all the 14 captains of cricket playing nations.

LG, not satisfied with just being the global sponsors of the Champions Trophy has gone a step ahead and created a marketing history. It has signed on captains of all the 14 cricket-playing nations on a year-long contract. The elite bunch is going to endorse the entire portfolio of LG products. According to sources, LG has spent close to 20-25 crores on this including endorsement fees and airtime cost though there has been no official confirmation from the company on the figures.

Commenting on the tie-up, Santosh Sood, Account Group Head on the LG account from Lowe said, "It is not just any other brand endorsement by the cricket personalities. The stature of the cricket team's captains reinforces the leadership stature of the LG brand." Earlier LG had signed up Ravi Shastri also for its brand endorsements.

It must be noted that Samsung, in a typical ambush marketing strategy seen during the last World Cup soccer also, has created a major impact with its campaign 'Official Sponsor of Digital Passion' with the seven Indian cricket stars including Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh comprising Team Samsung.

Samsung has no plans to change their successful strategy as its Vice President-Marketing, M B Lee said, "We will continue to advertise for Samsung products under the Team Samsung Umbrella without the celebrity cricketers. Once the Champions Trophy ends, we will come back with Team Samsung advertising using the players. The connect with the current running campaign of Team Samsung and the advertising during the Champions Trophy will be very evident and 'Official Sponsor of DigitAll Passion' will be the theme running right through the campaigns."

Refuting the ambushing charge, Lee said, "The Team Samsung advertising and, in fact, the entire campaign is not targeted at a particular company (LG) but has been planned to build a strong association between Samsung and Cricket."

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