LG lines up new ad campaigns for February

LG lines up new ad campaigns for February

Author | Malini Menon | Thursday, Feb 03,2005 8:40 AM

LG lines up new ad campaigns for February

Three leading ad agencies, O&M, Mc Cann Erickson and Lowe, is toiling hard on LG Electronics India Limited’s new campaigns. The company, which is targeting an annual turnover of Rs 9,000 crore this year, has planned its promotions for this season on a war-footing basis.

For mobile phones, O&M has come up with a campaign, which will hit the television screen by February first week. “The campaign is based on the concept that it is better to be different than be better than others. The campaign has no human figures and we have used the innovative theme,” said Salil Kapoor, Head of Marketing, LGEIL.

Describing the campaign, he said, “The campaign depicts hands traveling through roads, stepping out of the car, going down the stairs, and proceeding towards LG outlets. Then the camera shows the hand jumping on to the stand and grabbing the LG handset. So the theme of the campaign is “Every hand wants one—LGH Mobile.” This is not it. There are more campaigns in the line up. “Washing machine campaign will be on air by February end, microwaves by third week of February and refrigerator campaign by February 10,” he said.

While O&M is handling the mobile phones, microwaves and air conditioners, Mc Cann Erickson is taking care of TV, IT and washing machines. Lowe is looking after refrigerators and the overall brand.

The company is also planning to expand its outlets. “We have about 25 lifestyle shop outlets and by the end of the first quarter we are planning to expand it to 75. We have about four X Canvas showrooms, where only plasma display panels, projection TVs and laptops are displayed, and will expand it to 25. Other than this, we are also planning to have specialised up market showrooms for the designer air conditioners called Whisen and Cyber Shoppe for IT and GSM products,” said Kapoor. In all, the company has plans to focus on premium products and introduce 25 X Canvas, 15 Whisen and around 30 Cyber Shoppe outlets.

Asked on the promotional budget, Kapoor said, “LGEIL, in all, has been spending Rs 200 crore, which is spent on branches, press activities, advertisements, ground events and sponsorships.”

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