Levi’s Slim Jeans TVC becomes only Indian TVC to make it to Shots Animation Showcase

Levi’s Slim Jeans TVC becomes only Indian TVC to make it to Shots Animation Showcase

Author | Shanta Saikia | Friday, Jul 14,2006 7:23 AM

Levi’s Slim Jeans TVC becomes only Indian TVC to make it to Shots Animation Showcase

The much acclaimed and much awarded Slim vs Slim TVC, created by JWT for Levi’s Slim Jeans, has added another feather to its already crowded cap. This quirky TVC has become the only Indian TVC to feature in the coveted Shots Animation Showcase, which features explosive talent in advertising, short films and music videos from across the world.

Elaborating on the campaign, Senthil Kumar, Creative Director, JWT, said, “The TVC features a war between stick figures to demonstrate the slim nature of Levi’s Slim Jeans. As slim as the slit between closed doors, as slim as a light pole, as slim as a wedge in a window, as slim as the Red Tab on a stick figure.”

“We were staring at stick figures for so long that we started believing that they existed in a parallel universe, between the lines of the obsessive compulsive human doodler. Do they fall in love, do they flirt, do they believe in free sex, do they die? These and a thousand other quizzing explorations resulted in a slim story that was lapped up by E Suresh, the director, who put his team to the stick treatment for over 30 days at famous House of Animation,” Kumar further said.

“But we went further and managed to bring the slimmest blue lines to life, to experiment with lines and create a whole new race called the Levi’s slim figures. It takes a really brave client to accept such a radical idea that was designed to stick out in the fashion world, but our client, who’s brave and creative too, Shumone Chatterjee, CEO of Levi’s India, loved the idea and the rest is history,” Kumar said.

Incidentally, the campaign has already won heavy metal at Cannes Festival 2006; AdFest Asia Pacific Advertising Festival; D&AD Design Awards, London; CLIO International Advertising Festival Miami; five Golds and seven Silvers at AAAI Awards GoaFest; four Golds and three Silvers at the Abbies.

Shots was founded over 13 years ago to showcase cutting-edge creativity in global advertising. Published every two months on DVD and VHS, Shots is the world’s leading commercials title, providing ideas and inspiration for creatives internationally.

Commenting on the Animation Showcase, Jordan McGarry, Editor, Shots, said, “Animation is so teeming with creativity that, frankly it’s the most extraordinary fantastic world. Fortunately, the industry’s seemingly insatiable appetite for great animators and fresh style is matched only by the variety of work on offer and an abundant supply of fresh talent. So, we thought we’d compile the best work from artists and directors – both established and emerging from around the globe.”

“The Shots Showcase spotlights work from leading animators who have truly raised the creative bar – those who really inspired us with fresh ideas, style or techniques. There’s also an awe inspiring bumper new directors section, featuring the hottest animation reels ever,” McGarry added.

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