Levi’s and JWT present a different opinion with ‘Cricket Blues’

Levi’s and JWT present a different opinion with ‘Cricket Blues’

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, May 14,2007 9:36 AM

Levi’s and JWT present a different opinion with ‘Cricket Blues’

Levi’s, a player in branded denim, wants to give a different message to Indian cricket and the team. In line with the Bangladesh tour, Levi’s has released a print ad titled, ‘Cricket Blues’. The ad encourages the Indian cricket team post the ICC World Cup 2007 debacle. JWT is the creative agency, with Tina Sachdev having created the ad and N Ajesh is the Art Director.

Dhunji S Wadia, Managing Partner, JWT Bangalore, said, “The objective of the ad was encouraging the Indian cricket team. After the team’s disappointing performance at the World Cup, the entire country was up in arms against the guys who represent the country. No professional sportsman wants to lose, but the beauty of sports is that on a given day there can be only one winner. So this ad was released with the objective of motivating the team and lifting their morale for the Bangladesh series.”

Speaking more on the thought process behind the ad, Shumone Chatterjee, CEO, Levi Strauss India, said, “When the sun is shining, a lot of brands make merry from these very cricketers. But on the very first danger sign, they drop them like hot potatoes. Levi’s per se has till date had no connection with Indian cricket or cricketers. Nonetheless, the brand wanted to be with the Indian team in its darkest hour, as it embarks on its journey towards redemption against their World Cup nemesis with the Bangladesh tour.”

He added, “There is something about denim, which stands for toughness, resilience and character. We are sure that our men in blue will display that same toughness and strength of character in the days ahead, and not only just against Bangladesh.”

According to Wadia, the marketing strategy for the ad is that at the time when all brands had abandoned the cricketers and were hesitating to associate with them, Levi’s, a brand that has promoted wearing blue for more over 150 years, wanted to connect with the sentiments of these men in ‘blue’.

When quested on any challenges faced in terms of marketing while preparing the ad, Wadia’s reply was a clear negative one. He very firmly explained that the ad has been created with the intent of removing the annoyance with the Indian cricket team post the ICC World Cup debacle and clear away the bitterness.

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