Leo Burnett all set for a Leonine birthday on August 5

Leo Burnett all set for a Leonine birthday on August 5

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Aug 04,2008 8:23 AM

Leo Burnett all set for a Leonine birthday on August 5

As Leo Burnett gets ready to celebrate its 73rd Anniversary it its 95 offices across the globe, each Burnetter is reminded of the bowl of apples that the agency’s founder had put in the reception area during the difficult Great Depression era. The apples overcame the sceptics then, just as the agency gets ready to convert those apples into inspiring ‘Acts’, and not just ads.

Seventy-three years ago, when Leo Burnett (1892-1971) opened the doors to his agency, it was the middle of the Great Depression. As an act of hospitality in a hungry world, Burnett had put out a bowl of apples in the reception area. This got the skeptics guessing how long it would take before Burnett was on the street selling those apples.

But unlike the skeptics, Burnett thought big, in fact, big enough to redefine the brand landscape and create some of the world’s most enduring brands.

“Leo Burnett Day is an opportunity for all Burnetters to reflect and rededicate themselves to the values of integrity, consumer-centricity, ideas and creativity that Leo stood for. The values that unite the character and thinking of the Leo Burnett fraternity worldwide. It is these values that have helped us create iconic global brands and creative work that is celebrated across the world. It is a great feeling to remind ourselves of who we are and how we work. It is also a way to let every new member of our team know about things that bind us,” said Nitish Mukherjee, Managing Director, Leo Burnett India.

“Today, 73 years later, we’re still giving apples away. It is how we celebrate Leo’s legacy of being respectful, collaborative partners and creators of big, bold ideas for our clients,” he added.

In honour of Burnett’s anniversary, every Leo Burnett employee across the globe has turned an apple into an act. They’ve been inspired to use their apple to make the world a better place. They have carved them, baked them, planted their seeds, and shared them with children, even written stories about them.

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