Lemon Communications bags top honour at Ad Spot 2004

Lemon Communications bags top honour at Ad Spot 2004

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Thursday, Oct 28,2004 8:16 AM

Lemon Communications bags top honour at Ad Spot 2004

It's the 14th International Festival of Social, Public and Private Communication - also known as AD Spot 2004. In an award ceremony, held recently in Fortezza Da Basso, Florence, Lemon Communications was felicitated for bagging the first prize in the Ad Spot Non Profit category for its entry titled 'Lion -Rhino- Elephant/ Wildlife Protection Society.' As is evident, the entry is a bid directed towards the protection of wild life species from extinction. The first of the images shows a rhino trying to mate with a zebra, accompanied with the tagline 'Soon it will be hard to find rhinos. Do your bit to save them from extinction.' This is accompanied by images that are equally disturbing- a lion trying to mate with one from the deer species and an elephant with a horse. The images clearly display an act of desperation in order to keep the cycle of procreation alive. It addresses the diminishing numbers, amongst the animal species and the need to protect them from extinction.

Incidentally, the entry was picked up from the display at Cannes by the organisers of AD Spot 2004, and given its due place on account of its shocking yet bare projection of images. Says Ravi Deshpande, Head, Lemon Communications, "Naturally, the award means a lot to us. Animal rights and the conservation of endangered species...have always been two issues that are close to my heart. While going about the campaign, I dint find it difficult to link the idea with the basic concept. The important thing about the images is that they linger on and make sure that the message comes across. I think that a plus point with this entry is its ability to shock, linger and intrigue. And hopefully, it would accomplish a great deal for the cause and make people think twice before they gun down innocent beings for a sport."

Deshpande adds, "It's a cause, for which I would like to contribute in any way possible. I think that we got lucky, that Ad Spot picked this particular entry and found it suitable for the first prize in the non-profit category. It's an honest campaign, and we will see so that it gets bigger exposure in the future. We would be entering the same for other awards ceremonies as well."

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