Latest ‘Kejriwal’ ad goes viral, BJP lashes back

Latest ‘Kejriwal’ ad goes viral, BJP lashes back

Author | Ankur Singh | Monday, Jun 22,2015 8:29 AM

Latest ‘Kejriwal’ ad goes viral, BJP lashes back

Last week, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) unveiled its new TV advertisement narrating the story of the middle class Delhi household and how it has benefited with the AAP government in power. The ad asks the viewers to join Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal in his attempt to eradicate corruption from the state.

The TV ad shows how Kejriwal in Delhi has brought much needed relief in the middle class households, that earlier used to struggle to make two ends meet.

However, despite the intent of the ad, it has clearly gained attention for all the wrong reasons. The ad virtually screams of Arvind Kejriwal with over 10 mentions of his name, and none of the Party itself. The ad primarily talks of Kejriwal, instead of the ruling party.

Watch the ad here:

Terming the AAP-led Delhi government’s latest ad as a “violation” of the Supreme Court's order, BJP has threatened to approach the Supreme Court if the commercial was not withdrawn soon.

A statement issued by BJP's national secretary R P Singh said, “Even though Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's face is not seen, the way his name has been repeatedly taken as a 'messiah of poor' while leaders of other political parties, administrative officials and media have been projected as villains was a gross "violation" of apex court's order.”

On Saturday, BJP was reported to have said that the Arvind Kejriwal regime was following previous Sheila Dikshit dispensation in the matter of advertisements.

The practical consequences of this ad debacle are yet to be seen. However, the virtual verdict is already out. Netizens haven’t stopped lashing out at the ad since its release. Here are some excerpts:

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