KV Sridhar unveils his creative genius with iPOPS

KV Sridhar unveils his creative genius with iPOPS

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Tuesday, Jun 07,2011 8:26 AM

KV Sridhar unveils his creative genius with iPOPS
‘iPOPS – a preview’ is the work of one of the veterans of the advertising industry, KV ‘Pops’ Sridhar, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, where he is sharing his creativity with the world in the form of an exhibition of iPad on canvas at Mumbai’s Scarecrow Art Gallery.
About the paintings:
The paintings have been executed on the iPad and printed on canvas. Stark lines define forms (mostly women) held in primary colours. The paintings are an exploration of the creative possibilities of certain software as visually impasto layers flatly on the canvas surface and appear tangible.
Stylus poised effortlessly in hand Pops readily reveals the makings of his art, generously displaying the seeming ease of it.
KV Sridhar on his paintings:
Born in a family rooted in theater and film, Sridhar began painting at the age of three. As he grew older, both art and science interested him, inspired by the monumental works of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Between 1976 and 1981, he held several solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows. Currently, his paintings are in the collections of the Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Academy, Hyderabad Art Society, Modern Pavilion of the Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad, the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority and several private collectors in India and abroad.
About his new medium, Pops said, “Having used Fountain Pen drawing application on the iPhone nearly a year back, the iPad intrigued me, and finally with the Art Rage application, I was done in. The best part of this is you still need to be a trained skilled painter to paint on iPad. It is a more convenient way to paint and importantly, you can undo mistakes if any, of course you never get to smell the linseed oil or turpentine!”
Distinctiveness of the work:
Pops’ new body of work locates itself into that important domain of new media art practice and after cursory viewing, displays degrees of conceptual sophistication. As Alan Cohen, an author of inspirational books, says: “Truly creative people care a little about what they have done, and a lot about what they are doing. Their driving focus is the life force that surges in them now.” Sridhar has all the aesthetic life force and driving focus enough to now inspire a newer generation of fine artists.
Funds generated:

The entire sale proceeds will be used to support an NGO working for the marginalised sections of the society.

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