Kotak Mahindra Bank seeks to teach ‘Money ka matlab’

Kotak Mahindra Bank seeks to teach ‘Money ka matlab’

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Wednesday, Sep 07,2011 2:42 PM

Kotak Mahindra Bank seeks to teach ‘Money ka matlab’

In a category where age and trust are linearly co-related, Kotak Mahindra Bank chose to convey a statement of youthfulness for their ‘25 years’ campaign last year. This paid off for them, and hence they chose to further reinforce that position through the current campaign, which gets people from various walks of life to explain ‘Money ka matlab’…

In order to take the message forward, they have distilled the essence of what Kotak does across all its varied offerings, and that essence was money. Kotak, connected money and their special age, viz 25 and used the combination to create the platform, ie, the changing meaning of money.

On TV they have essentially created a high decibel yet really cost effective kick-off for the campaign, by showcasing 10-12 of the best quotes they got when they polled people on their “money ka matlab”.

In OOH, they have distilled down the essential, which is the campaign message, and 2 ways to engage with the brand, the sms number and the url. OOH is not used as a support medium, but as a key driver medium to engage with the audience. It is already paying off, nearly 50% of their facebook fans have come through the message on outdoor.

They have used radio by inviting people to call in and share their take on money ka matlab. To keep the continuity alive of ‘it’s great TO BE 25’, the treatment of the films was kept the same - testimonials of real people speaking their minds, in response to the question "What does money mean to you? / "Money ka matlab?”

Karthi Marshan, EVP and head marketing Kotak Mahindra Group said, “it was decided to use the line ‘Pachees saal. Money ke laakhon matlab.’.- Because money has "laakhon” meanings and, over the last 25 years, Kotak Mahindra has pretty much seen and understood them all.- And because money has been a persistent thread in our communication in the past. Our "Until money grows on trees" and "Let’s make money simple" campaigns have already initiated this line of thought. As a brand, we want to discuss not just what money can do for you in a practical sense, viz. provide security & growth, but also what money does to you, viz self-esteem, freedom, choices et all. Kotak’s marketing strategy is really a function of its circumstances and its unique opportunities first, and competitive, if at all, last. By virtue of having been a financial services expert for 25 years now, our positioning stance has always been in that space.This is further sharpened thanks to our age, so youthful money expert is at the core of our positioning strategy.”

The creative agency is Cartwheel on this project. Kotak has been working with them for over a year now. Aurum (1yr) and Interactive Avenues (over 3 yrs) support them on our digital initiatives, on content and media. Starcom (over 4 yrs) is their mainstream media agency and MudraMax (1yr) is the OOH partner.

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