Kohler brings award-winning ad campaign to India; rolls out print ad

Kohler brings award-winning ad campaign to India; rolls out print ad

Author | Shruti Tripathi | Tuesday, Sep 23,2008 8:50 AM

Kohler brings award-winning ad campaign to India; rolls out print ad

Kohler Co, manufacturer of kitchen and bath products, has brought its award-winning ad campaign, ‘As I See It’, to the Indian market. Conceptualised by American ad agency GSD&M Idea City, Kohler has unveiled a new print campaign for India.

Sharad Mathur, Managing Director, Kohler India, said, “The introduction of the ‘As I See It’ campaign to the Indian market further consolidates the position of Kohler as an innovative, global-thinking company. Consumers all over the world are drawn by the outstanding work of the photographers who have lent their imaginative talents to the campaign. The artistry of their photography enhances the design of our signature products and will hopefully create both a lasting and favourable image of Kohler in people’s minds.”

Mathur added, “The creative brief for the ‘As I See It’ print ads is a collaborative effort between the agency and Kohler. A new brief is developed for every ad honing in on the characteristics of the featured product and the photographer’s style. The basic concept of the campaign consists of pairing the work of a recognised and award-winning photographer with an iconic Kohler product. The idea is to hire these different photographers to showcase Kohler products as they see them, hence the name of the campaign. Each ad, along with the accompanying copy, features an idea along with a beautiful photograph.”

A spokesperson of GSD&M Idea City stated, “The campaign brings the Kohler tagline, ‘The Bold Look of Kohler’ to life. The ‘As I See It’ ads make a bold statement that is intended to show the readers that Kohler and its customers are passionate about artistic craftsmanship, sensuousness and expression.”

The new print ad brings out raw aesthetics with a painting of a girl surrounded by basins and faucets. It is inspired by Mother Nature without her storms and blusters.

Kohler launched its innovative range of bathroom products, including toilets, lavatories, faucets, bathtubs, whirlpools and showers in India in May 2006. With its business headquarters based in Gurgaon, Haryana, Kohler India is expanding its operations across the country. The company plans to set up a manufacturing facility in India at Baroda in Gujarat.

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