Kaushik Roy presents the case for EMVIES

Kaushik Roy presents the case for EMVIES

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, May 25,2004 7:50 AM

Kaushik Roy presents the case for EMVIES

In the year 2000, Ad Club of Mumbai organised a gala festival, and for the first time media awards were given in a separate ceremony – EMVIES arrived. In 2001, The Ad Club gave it a standalone stature.

Explaining the media conditions then that decreed this move, Kaushik Roy, who was the president of the Ad Club at the time of the decision, gives an insight in the institution of the EMVIES. “The establishment of EMVIES was to acknowledge the growth in media industry and the increase in quantity and quality of media innovations. We, at The Ad Club realised that as part of the Abbys, it was not doing justice to media as an integral part of advertising and marketing mix,” expresses Roy.

Speaking more on the people who made the decision happen, Roy says, “Sumit Roy, Pradeep Guha and Ramesh Narayan are a few key names involved in the decision. We realised the need to represent the media evolution.”

Apart from the growth in the media industry, another aspect as per Roy that led to the segregation of the EMVIES was the fact that the Ad Club was not just for advertising or marketing people. Says he, “It is a fraternity of media professionals, who are a part of a comprehensive communication business. Keeping that in mind and the Abby skew towards creative, the club needed to ascertain that it represented media professionals as well and hence the EMVIES.”

But has the award been successful in attaining this objective of representing the media? “I believe so,” Roy replies, “The turnouts are positive and the awards are drawing audience who are media professionals. These people celebrate the work they have done. So yes, they have been successful in representing and motivating the community.”

Comparing with the global scenario, Roy expresses that internationally there are no media awards that are as acclaimed as advertising awards like the Cannes or Clio but the EMVIES sure have played their role in the country. “This is an award that shows how judiciously and innovatively money is spent. It serves as a channel that motivates professionals to work better,” states Roy, “The more awards one gets, the better it is for the agency and better are the chances for them to market themselves to potential clients. EMVIES has made a difference to the industry and that was the aim of the instituting these awards.”

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