Karunendra Mathur quits Montage to set up The Page

Karunendra Mathur quits Montage to set up The Page

Author | Deepika Bhardwaj | Thursday, May 17,2012 9:01 PM

Karunendra Mathur quits Montage to set up The Page

“There’s no point talking about the past, let’s work towards the future,” said Karunendra Mathur when questioned why he quit Montage Advertising, an agency he set up himself two decades ago. Mathur has moved on from Montage, with no association left whatsoever and has started his own enterprise ‘The Page’ – an integrated advertising agency that will serve medium to large Indian companies rather than focusing on multinationals.

“Working in this industry for so long, I have realised that there is a need to work in close quarters with medium to large companies to make them a better brand,” opines Mathur.

It’s already been a month since The Page has set up operations in Delhi and things are quickly moving forward. The core team comprises a good number of people who worked with Mathur earlier at Montage. Nidhi Arora who was Group Head, Montage Advertising and Pradeep Dutta, Creative Head at the agency have also moved and are a core part of the new team at The Page.

Liberty Shoes has handed over its creative and media mandate to The Page. The agency has already started working on the account. The Liberty account was being managed by Montage Advertising earlier and with Mathur moving away, the entire account has also been given to The Page. The business has moved sans any pitch.

Along with the Liberty account, the agency also has other businesses such as Solo Stationary and Accessories, Spectrum Paints and Headstart International.

Talking to exchange4media about setting up the new agency especially in times when there are new agencies mushrooming every day, Mathur said, “I started Montage 20 years ago and have taken it to a certain level. So this is not new for me. As far as competition is concerned, if we deliver quality of work, be competitive and bring good brand thinking, I think everyone can find their own niche.”

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