JWT India re-designs Godrej with element of curiosity

JWT India re-designs Godrej with element of curiosity

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Saturday, May 02,2009 8:52 AM

JWT India re-designs Godrej with element of curiosity

‘Designed by Curiosity’ is the new positioning that Godrej has taken. And to take forward this element of curiosity, long time advertising partner, JWT India has come up with a new campaign.

Tist Sen, ECD, JWT Mumbai along with Vistasp Hodiwala and Debu Purkayastha; Vice President and Senior Creative Director, respectively, have worked on the campaign. The film has been produced by Cutting Edge Pictures.

The task before JWT Mumbai was to reposition Godrej as a modern, technology-savvy brand, one that was as young at heart as its key target audience. It meant talking a new language that old customers, too, would understand, especially in a market with an unfamiliar global crisis called ‘recession’.

The campaign revolves around the thought process of asking questions, curiosity and the need to know; which are the core of science and innovation. The innovation stands upon two basic pillars: a) The ability to observe and not merely see; and b) The urge to never rest on your laurels and be satisfied with what you have done or where you are.

Hodiwala said, “We love what we have done with ‘Designed by Curiosity’ as a package. After all, it’s not a challenge one is faced with every day in this profession. To make a hallowed name like Godrej, whose refrigerators and locks one grew up with, and make it contemporary and extremely sought-for when you have the shiny Koreans and Japanese outspend you 10 to 1 is a task any creative person will give an arm and a leg for.”

On the challenges of re-designing of the entire look, Purkayastha explained, “Giving a makeover is never as simple as it seems. With the kind of heritage and stature that Godrej possesses, one had to keep in mind how to appeal to a younger audience without alienating the older one. The challenge was to make it as interesting without being flippant or showy. Somewhere deep down, I am happy we managed to achieve that balance.”

The Campaign unveiled itself in the IPL season with an intriguing story line that had people with an AC sweating, stressing and going through acute discomfort. Curious to know why? Well, because the AC mounted on the wall hasn’t come out of the carton yet, what with the paranoia of high electricity bills uppermost in the customer’s mind. With the summer season in full swing, it was only natural for Godrej to ask its consumers: Why buy an AC and not use it?

Keeping in mind the current economic situation, the agency stumbled on the insight that most of the consumers find it easy to buy an air conditioner, but very tough to run it because of high electricity bills. And symbolically speaking, if one is not using their AC, then it is as good as a carton on the wall.

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