JWT builds case of exaggeration for Reliance Money

JWT builds case of exaggeration for Reliance Money

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Thursday, Apr 26,2007 9:16 AM

JWT builds case of exaggeration for Reliance Money

Reliance Money has launched a new campaign titled ‘Whenever it’s a question of your money’. JWT is the agency and Tista Sen has worked on the campaign. Future East Productions has produced the TVC with Ashim Ahluwalia as Director. The campaign comprises television, outdoor and radio.

Speaking on the creative thought process, Sen explained, “We needed to make financial advertising credible, real and create empathy. The basic human insight we operated on was that when it comes to money, everybody has a point of view. From the paanwallah down the road to your neighbour to your canteen boy, everybody happens to know the best place to put your money. The idea was to exaggerate just this confusion Confused about where to invest is the core of this communication.”

The 60-second film captures the confusion about investing one’s money in an appropriate fund.

Commenting on the making of the film, Sen said, “Everyone cannot be an expert on money. Someone who has earned a reputation of being a money expert over the years can surely be a friend you can turn to for monetary advice. This is exactly what the new Reliance Money TVC is trying to do. Keeping in mind the insight that most people are clueless when it comes to money, and often seek advice from different people who may not necessarily be qualified to give advice, the TVC is executed in a hyperbole where this issue is exaggerated.”

The TVC is talking about a person who has won a lottery and does not know what to do with it, especially when the whole world is after him for his money, with myriads of options. He finally ‘calls up a friend’ at Reliance Money for the right advice. The film concludes with a simple solution: ‘Whenever it is a question of your money, call Reliance Money’.

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