JWT’s new Levi’s campaign: Of Indians, for Indians, by Indians

JWT’s new Levi’s campaign: Of Indians, for Indians, by Indians

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Oct 13,2005 9:11 AM

JWT’s new Levi’s campaign: Of Indians, for Indians, by Indians

JWT Bangalore is very excited about the new Levi’s Red Loop campaign and the reason, according to the agency’s Senior VP, Dhunji Wadia, is that unlike any other Levi’s advertisement that is done internationally and adapted to the Indian market, for the first time, the campaign has been created in India.

The campaign broke in print and outdoor across the country earlier this week. Said Wadia, “For the first time Red Loop creative has been developed locally, as opposed to the usual format of developing it at the divisional level, and then percolating it down to the affiliates. We are very excited about it.”

Explaining more on what the experience was like, he said, “It was a challenge, as well as an opportunity. Shooting with foreign models and creating foreign imagery has become table stakes. The important thing is to create a truly international look and feel that is edgy yet relatable to this top-end consumer who is highly discerning and well connected with real-time fashion. Hence the key message - 'U in the loop?'”

The campaign has been launched in the print, outdoor, retail and on-ground medium. As to whether it would be extended to any other medium, Wadia said, “As we go forward, we will evaluate the appropriateness of other media. There are two reasons. The target audience we are addressing is absolutely cutting-edge and in-sync with the latest fashion trends abroad. To that extent it doesn't matter where the campaign is created as long as it connects with him or her.”

According to Wadia, the campaign’s intent was to establish Levi’s Red Loop as the international jeans wear fashion face in India and create salience around this brand, and thereby up the fashion ante within the denim market.

He added, “The launch campaign for Red Loop has taken off on the insight that to the given target group, it is of paramount importance that they be constantly up-to-date on the latest happenings across various areas of interest. It’s about constantly staying ‘In the loop’.”

Levi's Red Loop works to further strengthen the trendsetter image of Levis Strauss. It is the premium brand from Levi’s that caters to the fashion forward individuals who are awareof what’s hot in jeans wear on the catwalks of Milan and Paris.

The brand exists in the Asia-Pacific region, as also in Europe. The product story for a season is consistent across all regions, in line with the brand promise of offering real-time international fashion.

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