JuxtConsult unveils its unique twin ‘ad effectiveness’ tracking syndicated studies

JuxtConsult unveils its unique twin ‘ad effectiveness’ tracking syndicated studies

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Sep 14,2007 9:47 AM

JuxtConsult unveils its unique twin ‘ad effectiveness’ tracking syndicated studies

The concept of ‘box office’ reports has now extended to the advertising world. JuxtConsult has unveiled its unique twin ‘ad effectiveness’ tracking syndicated studies and has launched Ad Box Office and Ad Momentux. The former is India’s first monthly monitor on the most successful and effective ads among the urban consumers, while Ad Momentux is quarterly monitor of consumer mass generated by the ad for a brand in the category.

Ad Box Office measures the total ‘Ad Connect Quotient’ of ads using a simple but comprehensive model that takes into accounts not only the appeal of an ad, but also its consumer relevance and its brand building impact. On the other hand, Ad Momentux helps to ‘quantify’ the true contribution of one’s ad in helping the brand compete in the market place.

Ad Box Office reveals whether the ad ‘stands out’ in the daily ad clutter, and its ‘connect’ with the consumers. It also brings to fore the most recalled and effective ads as associated by consumers. It showcases the overall rating of these ads on a composite index called ‘Ad Connect Quotient’ and gives rankings of ads on the 12 individual parametres and derived attributes like ad recall, ad appeal, consumer connect and brand connect.

Some of the content of the report includes ranking of the most effective ads based on the composite ‘ad connect quotient’; classification into ‘superhit’, ‘hit’ and ‘me-too’ categories; ranking of most recalled ads like top-of-the-mind and spontaneous; sources media of TOM recalls at an overall level; and ranking of most ‘liked’ ads that are top-of-the-mind and spontaneous, among others.

Measuring ad effectiveness comprehensively includes factors such as noticeability and memorability, appeal and likeability, relevance and persuasiveness, brand differentiation and brand preference building.

Ad Momentux includes category level evaluation and rating of the ads on their communication and brand effectiveness, based on feedback of ‘live ads’ shown online to the current and intended users of the category, with 150 responses per brand ad, and measures the ‘consumer connect’, ‘brand connect’ and total ‘ad connect’ that the ad is generating vis-à-vis the competitive ads in the category, among others.

The methodology of the studies includes a very large sample of over 10,000-12,000 ‘brand-conscious’ urban consumers surveyed every month. This coves consumers of all SEC classes, age and income groups. The sample sizes are from at least 65 individual cities and towns with total coverage of over 2,000 distinct towns.

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