JewelOne flexes its design muscles in new TVC

JewelOne flexes its design muscles in new TVC

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Saturday, Jan 04,2014 9:59 AM

JewelOne flexes its design muscles in new TVC

In a predominantly unbranded and inorganised jewellery market in India, JewelOne has managed to strengthen its foothold through its huge collection of designs. The retail jewellery brand from Emerald Jewellery Group has now come up with a TV campaign to showcase its designs.

Conceptualised by Disha Communications, Chennai, the idea is to showcase the new-age collections, drive store walk-ins and promote sales for the brand.

Elaborating on the idea behind the film, Duraibabu Devarajan, COO, Disha Communications said, “Initially, JewelOne had been releasing only the brand TVCs as their jewellery at that point in time were not available in any exclusive showrooms, but being sold out of other jewellery showrooms and multi-brand outlets. Since awareness of the branded gold jewellery is less in the category, JewelOne adopted this strategy to drive more footfalls to the multi-brand outlets and major showrooms, where its jewellery was being sold.”

He added, “The initial idea was to promote sales for the multi-brand retailers. After a point they saw that there is scope to start their own retail outlets and create more awareness for the brand. The uniqueness of the brand is that it is very light weight with multiple formats of jewels and a huge collection of exclusive design.”

The TVC opens with Tamil actress Shruthi Hassan quizzing the customers by asking “Do you know how many designs JewelOne brand has?” Men, women and girls try to guess the number of designs, but fail to come up with the correct figure. Finally a young bride guesses, “Two lakh designs”, to which Shruthi says, “Yes, JewelOne has over two lakh design collections and every month over 2,000 new designs are produced by JewelOne.

Watch the TVC here...

Commenting on the TVC, K Srinivasan, MD, Emerald Jewellery said, “We have almost two lakh designs manufactured by us till date and that’s our USP. Customers’ choices are varied, and to cater to everyone’s taste and preferences, we have an unbeatable range and collections. To showcase that USP of our brand, the TVC has been created. We also sell our highly design-oriented jewellery at an affordable price.” He further said that the ad created by Disha has helped in creating awareness about the brand and has also helped in driving footfalls to the retail outlets, thus improving sales.

Has the USP of design worked for JewelOne?
Experts take

Ambarish Ray, Director & VP, Metal Communications remarked, “It is a very interesting device of building up the design repertoire – both in depth as well as freshness. The TVC actually manages to cut across languages, making it a rare feat in our culture. The proposition of freshness and design supremacy to appeal to the Indian woman is also commendable when most retailers are talking about price or tradition.”

Our take
The brand has tried to create a connect with the customers by engaging with them in a normal way. There are not too many TVCs that showcase the number of designs that a brand produces. However, though the ad has tried to create awareness about the collection of designs, it could have brought in more element to it.

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