J Hampstead appoints Saints & Warriors as creative partner

J Hampstead appoints Saints & Warriors as creative partner

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Sep 05,2006 9:00 AM

J Hampstead appoints Saints & Warriors as creative partner

In the wake of a multi-agency pitch, J Hampstead has signed Saints & Warriors (S&W) as its creative partner. S. P. Shah, Marketing Head of the brand, informed that five agencies were involved in the pitch but refrained from naming them. The media spend last year of J Hampstead, which belongs to the Siyaram’s stable, was in the vicinity of Rs 5 crore. However, this year a significant jump is expected as the company intends to foray into various new verticals.

These comprise linens, cotton shirting, readymade trousers and exclusive retail outlets. J Hampstead is competing in the worsted suiting brands category and other players in the segment are Raymond’s, Reid & Taylor, Digjam and OCM among others.

Speaking on the win, S&W’s Pushpinder Singh said, “What greatly excites us about this account is that not only do we expect J Hampstead to be a significant player in the worsted suiting segment but the enormity of the plans they have are enticing.”

He further added, “Creatively too the brand holds very exciting possibilities. At present, all the communication in this category comprises people trying to look sexy or show better status but they are doing it in such a laborious manner that it is cutting ice with no one. I think a dose of realism in the personality you project should be able to make a difference.”

The media buying is handled in-house and no change is likely.

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