ITC launches a 6-week TV campaign for Classmate

ITC launches a 6-week TV campaign for Classmate

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jul 02,2012 10:34 PM

ITC launches a 6-week TV campaign for Classmate

ITC Classmate, a education and stationery brand by ITC’s Education & Stationery Products Business (ESPB), has rolled out its new ‘Because you are one of a kind’ campaign.

Targeted at school children as well as parents and teachers, the new Classmate TV commercial encourages children to nurture and celebrate their uniqueness towards becoming successful to their own interests, talents and strengths.

There are a total of four commercials that ITC has come out with. The launch phase of the TV commercial is for a period of six weeks, followed by two more bursts of similar duration through this calendar year.

As a part of the campaign, ITC is spending 50 per cent on TV, 25 per cent on digital and social media marketing and 25 per cent on radio and other media. Consumer engagement programmes and retail events have also been planned as a part of the campaign.

Giving a perspective on the media distribution and spending significant percentage on digital, Karan Kumar, Marketing Manager, ITC Education and Stationery Business said, “Digital and social media are an essential way of converting messages into conversations. These are platforms for two way engagement and are increasingly presenting themselves as an active medium for meaningful engagement. Thus it forms an important part of the media mix.”

“The campaign will continue through the course of the year. It will be exposed across multiple media including active on-ground consumer engagement programs. Significant resources will be committed towards the same. You will see a concerted and comprehensive engagement activity unfold in the near future. It will be something of the scale and nature that has not been witnessed before,” he added.

Stationary business is a competitive category with local players enjoying fair share of the business. In such scenario, how is ITC managing to appeal to the consumers and differentiate the brand?

Kumar explained, “We believe this is an important and inspiring position to take, to encourage a new generation to live up to its maximum potential without playing up the pressure of succeeding in the rat race. We believe that this communication echoes the inner voice of young India with respect and empathy, and will garner fresh affection for the brand in all the right ways, differentiating it sharply from all other brands in the category and otherwise.”

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