IRS 2009 R2: Vijay Karnataka, Prajavani lead in Bangalore; mixed bag for the rest

IRS 2009 R2: Vijay Karnataka, Prajavani lead in Bangalore; mixed bag for the rest

Author | Robin Thomas | Wednesday, Nov 25,2009 8:55 AM

IRS 2009 R2: Vijay Karnataka, Prajavani lead in Bangalore; mixed bag for the rest

The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2009 R2 data for Bangalore show Vijay Karnataka to be the largest read newspaper in Bangalore MC and Bangalore Rest of UA, this despite a decline in Average Readership Issue (AIR) from 565,000 to 505,000, a drop of 10.6 per cent. In Bangalore Rest of UA Vijay Karnataka sees a decline in AIR from 138,000 in 2009 R1 to 124,000 in the latest round.

Prajavani, the second most read newspaper in Bangalore, has seen a growth of 2.0 per cent in Bangalore MC with its AIR increasing from 403,000 in 2009 R1 to 411,000 in 2009 R2. However, the figures for Bangalore Rest of US show a significant decline of 19.5 per cent in the AIR for Prajavani, wherein the newspaper’s AIR slips from 87,000 in R1 to 70,000 in the latest round.

Vijay Karnataka and Prajavani are leading in both Bangalore MC and Bangalore Rest of UA markets. Vijay Karnataka has seen a decline in AIR in both the units, while Prajavani has seen a decline in its AIR in Bangalore Rest of UA. Bangalore MC has seen growth for most of the publications, it is the big publications that have seen de-growth in their AIR.

Six of the Top 10 publications in Bangalore MC have witnessed growth, whereas four of the big publications have shown a decline in their AIR. India Today (English) has seen a significant drop of 21 per cent in AIR at 64,000 in R2 from 81,000 in 2009 R1.

Among the other big names that have seen decline in AIR are The Times of India, which ranks third in Bangalore MC with 315,000 AIR in R2 from 328,000 in 2009 R1, a drop of 4.0 per cent. The daily has seen a steeper decline of 14.9 per cent in Bangalore Rest of UA, from 47,000 in 2009 R1 to 40,000 in the latest round.

Deccan Herald has seen a marginal decline of 0.6 per cent in its AIR from 166,000 in 2009 R1 to 165,000 in R2.

The biggest growth story in Bangalore MC, however, is that of Sanjavani, which ranks nine with an AIR of 61,000 in R2 from 42,000 in 2009 R1, a jump of 45.2 per cent.

The second highest growth in AIR witnessed in Bangalore MC is that of Udayavani, which grew 10.7 per cent from 75,000 in 2009 R1 to 83,000 in the latest round. However, Udayavani could not sustain this growth in Bangalore Rest of UA, where it sees a decline of 40 per cent in AIR, from 30,000 in 2009 R1 to 18,000 in R2.

While Daily Thanthi grew by 9.9 per cent to reach 78,000 AIR from 71,000 in R1, Kannada Prabha grew 7.1 per cent to reach AIR of 91,000 in R2 from 85,000 in R1. Grih Shobha (Kannada), on the other hand, remained stagnant in R2 with an AIR of 52,000.

Bangalore Rest of UA sees only four publications in the Top 10 with growth figures. Udayavani, Vijay Karnataka, Prajavani, The Times of India, and Deccan Herald are among the big names to have seen a decline in their AIR.

While Mint has an AIR of 14,000 in R2, The Hindu has witnessed the highest growth of 20 per cent, thus reaching an AIR of 12,000 in R2 from 10,000 in 2009 R1.

The other big growth comes from Kannada Prabha, which was up at 49,000 in R2 from 42,000 in R1, an increase of 16.7 per cent, the second highest growth in this unit.

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