IOC unveils campaign for ‘Xtra Mile’ for better product connect for diesel

IOC unveils campaign for ‘Xtra Mile’ for better product connect for diesel

Author | Preeti Jadhav | Monday, Jun 20,2005 8:12 AM

IOC unveils campaign for ‘Xtra Mile’ for better product connect for diesel

Diesel need not make one think of trucks any more. And Indian Oil Corporation’s (IOC) super premium diesel ‘Xtra Mile’ aims to change the reference point of diesel by establishing that much required product connect with the ever swelling number of Indian car owners. To achieve this goal, IOC has unveiled a new campaign to promote its diesel brand as having multi-functional additives that remove harmful deposits from the engine and components.

The new campaign is a complete 360-degree marketing initiative having presence in radio, internet, outdoor, print and of course television. S Varadachari, Chief Manager Branding, IOC, said, “Television is going to be the lead medium to create that much desired effect of the brand and will be ably supported by the other mediums.”

Shot in South Africa’s picturesque Cape Town, the TVC opens with a shot of a young man setting out on a drive on the various turfs of the city and keeps measuring the distance he can cover based on the fuel (read Xtra Mile) shown by the meter. After covering a long distance on uneven terrain, the car still has plenty of diesel left to cover a good distance. The voice-over in the end says: ‘No distance too long with Xtra Mile Super Diesel’.

The commercial blends very well with the music playing in the background, giving a completely young and peppy vibe. The 30-second commercial is created by Rediffusion’s creative team of Ashish Khazanchi, Hemant and Aakash. Speaking on the commercial, Khazanchi said, “When we got the brief we knew it was always going to be about mileage, being a contemporary relatable brand, about creating a commercial with relates to the young urban car owners.” On the expectation, he said, “We knew it will be a good ad, a superb commercial. In addition we strived for making a commercial that works and possibly picks up metal too.”

Though built on not very soaring marketing budgets, the intent was to never compromise on the quality. Varadachari added, “We have maintained a certain amount austerity and the entire campaign is a rather low key but may I insist it’s a very well thought out campaign.”

The TVC will run for a three-month period and is promoted in six other languages in addition to English which include Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil. The next commercial in the series would be primarily targeting the SUV segment, “Yes, but this is still at the drawing board stage and will be announced in some time,” concluded Varadachari.

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