Intel’s new brand identity leaps ahead

Intel’s new brand identity leaps ahead

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Monday, Jan 09,2006 7:23 AM

Intel’s new brand identity leaps ahead

Intel Corporation formally unveiled its new brand identity on January 3, in what it termed as a significant milestone in the company’s history. This new identity is being rolled out across the world now, including the Indian market.

The new branding system includes new logos for the soon-to-be-launched platform for the digital home, Intel Viiv technology, and Intel Centrino mobile technology, and re-designed logos for individual processors, chipsets, motherboards and other Intel technologies. Each product logo also incorporates the new Intel logo. The Intel Viiv technology is slated for an early 2006 launch.

The present brand identity involves changes in the Intel Inside logo created in 1991, and the original Intel ‘dropped-e’ logo, created by Silicon Valley pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore 37 years ago. Intel’s new logo is an attempt to combine the essence of both of these symbols, and building on Intel’s rich heritage, while signaling the new direction in which the company is headed. It also includes a new tagline: ‘Intel. Leap ahead.’

“‘Intel. Leap ahead.’ is a simple expression that declares who we are and what we do,” said Eric Kim, Senior VP and GM, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel. “This is part of our heritage. Our mission at Intel has always been to find and drive the next leap ahead – in technology, in education, social responsibility, manufacturing and more – to continuously challenge the status quo. It’s about using Intel technology to make life better, richer and more convenient for everyone,” he added.

Intel has been driving a shift in its approach to the market that began with the development of the Centrino mobile technology platform. The company reorganized itself around the platform model last year, and is now focused on the four key market segment opportunities of mobile, digital home, enterprise and health.

“Intel has one of the most valuable brands in the world, and we intend to grow the value of our brand as we evolve the company. This evolution will allow Intel to be better recognised for our contributions, establish a stronger emotional connection with our audiences, and strengthen our overall position in the marketplace,” explained the spokesperson.

The new branding system is an attempt to simplify and unify the look and feel across Intel products and platforms, according to a company release. Given the sheer size of the brand, and the huge visibility its identity enjoys across the world, it will probably take some time before one see the new Intel identity wherever there is Intel. But the rollout exercise has begun.

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