Innocean launches new knowledge initiative ‘Learning Curve’

Innocean launches new knowledge initiative ‘Learning Curve’

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, May 07,2007 9:11 AM

Innocean launches new knowledge initiative ‘Learning Curve’

Innocean Worldwide has launched an interactive forum for knowledge and skill enhancement for its personnel and clients. Launched as ‘Leaning Curve’ on May 4, the inaugural session had an interesting interaction with well-known economist Dr Amitendu Palit. His talk on ‘Indian Economy — Shifting Gears’ touched upon the trends in the Indian economy, how it is making an impact on consumer demand trends, and its possible rub-off on marketing issues.

“It is our firm belief that the advertising business across its polarities of creatives, strategy and media is a knowledge-driven enterprise, and this initiative helps us widen our conciousness,” said Vivek Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Innoccean.

The intent behind this initiative is to have bi-monthly sessions with people from diverse fields — Economics, Technology, Behavioural Sciences, Performing Arts, Sociology, and even Marketing, to interact with the agency and client teams on a common platform.

“We see this as an enrichment initiative and not a lecture session. It is more about picking up streams of diverse knowledge so that we are not too inward in our approach — a problem that most of us in the business grapple with but don’t admit to,” Srivastava added. The inaugural topic of Learning Curve was with a discipline that most admen would not project as top-of-the-mind: Economics.

Concepts such as export growth, the service economy and others were unfolded in an interesting manner by the Economist. The hot topic of the ‘Indian growth story’ and its components were demystified. A lively debate with the attendees ensured a buzzing feel. “We have initiated this exercise with our anchor client Hyundai Motors and will definitely enhance its scope to cover our other clients too,” said YK Choi, MD, Innocean.

Learning Curve is going to be bi-monthly feature and would even take the participants to off-site locations. The core idea is to expand the knowledge base in a fruitful manner without discriminating. “It will definitely not be formatted, rather it is envisaged as a living and dynamic idea, and we have an exciting line-up of facilitators for the forthcoming sessions,” said Shubha Menon, ECD, Innocean.

An alumnus of JNU, Dr Palit, who is currently researching on the Macroeconomic Policy of India, enlightened professionals on Economics and how Indian economics has changed over the years. He said, “Economics is at the heart of the business and in the soul of the consumers.” He demystified the daunting theories and terminology to his elite students. The mantra was to learn while you have fun.

He further talked about the importance of growth and how it is the only way to curb poverty. “We are one of the fastest growing countries in the world,” he said. He commented on the petroleum sector saying, “We have to let go of the control on the petroleum products. Unless we do that, private players will not participate in the domestic market.”

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