Innocean celebrates first birthday by unveiling strategic planning tool 'Insight Stimulator'

Innocean celebrates first birthday by unveiling strategic planning tool 'Insight Stimulator'

Author | Sumita Patra | Friday, Dec 08,2006 9:02 AM

Innocean celebrates first birthday by unveiling strategic planning tool 'Insight Stimulator'

Innocean Worldwide, the in house creative agency of Korea's Hyundai Motor Corporation, completed first year of operations in India on December 7. The agency celebrated the occasion by unveiling its global strategic planning model, 'The Insight Stimulator'. The tool is available to Innocean staff worldwide to anlayse consumer and market trends and come up with strategic directions.

Vivek Srivastava, Executive Director, Innocean Worldwide, said, "This is a tool which primarily helps to structure the strategic and creative process within our agency. It also enables us to look at the much misused word insight in a more correct and realistic manner."

The starting point of the Insight Stimulator is about listening, observing and probing the consumers so as to pick up 'signals' that emanate from, traits, trends and needs which are latent or hidden. According to the model, signals can be found in three domains – brand, category and culture. Signals then lead to hidden needs, and after checking the relevance of the need in the brand context, an Insight hypothesis is done. After evaluating multiple hypothesis one arrives at the best fit and then the actionable Insight Description is derived.

"For us the process of insight finding is not just about using research, but it's also about using your own intuitive thinking, it's about using your gut level understanding and synthesising all of this to come up with a workable insight. For us, the starting point of insight finding is signals. Signals are behaviourial signs that the kind of needs they might have and somewhere in the process they lead you to their hidden needs. Hidden needs alone are not insights either. These are manifestations of insight and that's the difference about this model," Srivastava further said.

He described the model as a very dynamic one, which could adapt itself to local market conditions. It could be used across different product categories due to its universal nature and, according to Srivastava, could be used at any client opportunity that the agency would get.

Sujith Sudhakaran, Group Manager, Account Planning, Innocean Worldwide, said, "Insight Stimulator should end up being something like a guidebook to steal consumer's hearts. The whole idea is to understand an insight that can make the consumers think. It is about understanding a new thing or an giving a new interpretation to an existing thing."

K C Kang, Executive Director/Planning Division Head, Innocean Worldwide, said, "The difference between this model and other models is the fact that here we emphasise on insight. Insight is different from the creative thing. This model can help the consumers to have a relationship with a brand. We can have royalty from the consumer by giving them their hidden needs, by awakening their hidden needs. By that process consumers can have meaningful relationship with a brand."

The model isn't different from the global template, however, there is scope for improvising it from time to time. The model has been tried and tested at the agency's Korea headquarter and then brought to the Indian marketplace.

Srivastava said, "The launch of Verna and the earlier Santro Wale commercials were pretty much inspired by the insight that we have been able to pull out using the same tool."

On the reason for bringing this model to India, Kang said, "Innocean Worldwide's vision is globalisation. For the localisation of Innocean Worldwide in India we have to understand more about the consumer and culture in this market. So, we think we have the best quality to understand the market systematically so we developed this strategic tool."

Having completed one year in India, the agency is now looking at adding new businesses to its portfolio. There are plans to open an office in either Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai within the next six months. The agency is currently evaluating the best possible option. As far as its international plans are concerned, Innocean will get into Moscow by the first quarter of 2007.

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