Initiative delves into customised content with ‘Bindas Bol’ for ICICI

Initiative delves into customised content with ‘Bindas Bol’ for ICICI

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Dec 26,2006 9:07 AM

Initiative delves into customised content with ‘Bindas Bol’ for ICICI

Initiative India has developed a customised content driven communication for their client, ICICI USAID. The on-going initiative, ‘Bindas Bol’, is being done with Zee News and Janmat. The objective of the campaign is to encourage openly speaking on or asking for a condom.

A recent study conducted by ICICI USAID suggests that the root of embarrassment lies firmly with the sexual connotation attached to the category as a whole amongst sexually active married and unmarried men. Based on this finding, Lowe created a concept ‘Condom Bindaas Bol’, which has been executed across various media including a series of three TVCs.

Apart from rolling out the multi-media campaign, Initiative, a division of the Lintas Media Group, has taken the concept to people. They have, in association with Zee News and Janmat, developed content driven programming called ‘Bindaas Bol’ on these channels where the topic would be discussed and debated. An eminent panel discusses the issue with audience participation in order to connect with people and to understand their concerns/discomforts.

Himanka Das, Media Director, Initiative, said, “Our challenge was to communicate the Indian male audience, who feels shy to ask for a condom, through an interactive means.”

He further said that on Zee News, the campaign was aired live featuring the debate on the issue within representatives from three walks of life – namely All India Chemist and Drugist, ICICI USAID, and ad personality. On Janmat channel, four consecutive ‘Bindaas Bol’ episodes were shown with each episode discussing a unique issue in the prime time band. The episodes were shot in-studio with interactive format between panels from different fields and audience participation.

Das added, “Taking forward the discussion to the people, opinions were sought via vox-pops, phone-ins and SMS and were interspersed during the telecast of the episode to make it engaging.”

V S Mani, VP, Initiative, said, “With high level of clutter and ad avoidance, it is important to engage the consumer through content that is relevant and interactive. In this case, the content was customised.”

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