Industry experts look forward to Ad Club’s Media Review

Industry experts look forward to Ad Club’s Media Review

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Aug 24,2005 8:53 AM

Industry experts look forward to Ad Club’s Media Review

The Bombay Ad Club is all geared to commence it annual event, Media Review, which kicks off on August 31. Media professionals are keenly waiting to know what the event will offer and how it would help the media fraternity.

Said Hiren Pandit, General Manager, MindShare, “It is a very interesting concept. All major innovations will come under one roof and there would be industry experts commenting on what worked and what didn’t, talk about the quality of the initiatives and so on. For media professionals, it would be very beneficial as this is like knowledge sharing.”

Agreeing with Pandit, OMS’ Gautam Rajagopal said, “Speakers like Sam Balsara, who are stalwarts of the business, must share their knowledge and the way they see business. I am looking forward to this session for this.”

While experts are looking forward to what kind of innovations the event will throw up, one point that Universal McCann’s Senior VP, Srinivas Prabhu raised was about the process itself.

He said, “Like all initiatives, this, too, has its plus and minus sides. Good advertising comes from a good client. The innovations that will form part of this session and their basis are more important. Also, these events tend to turn jingoistic, and may be that should be avoided.”

About the positives, he said, “The good thing about this is that ideas that have proved to be big for a brand for whatever reason will be showcased and that would definitely allow for a good discussion.”

Prabhu also brought out the fact that the discussion would include international trends, which, too, would be reason enough to be a part of the session. Rajagopal added here, “Media owners’ channels, too, should attend this event as they partner with us in building brands and they, too, should know why campaign has gone right and wrong and continue to things.”

The speaker, Sam Balsara, and the event itself for various reasons have managed to attract the fraternity’s attention and many are keen to know how the event unfolds.

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