Industry expects more from GoaFest 2008

Industry expects more from GoaFest 2008

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 23,2007 9:12 AM

Industry expects more from GoaFest 2008

The much-awaited GoaFest 2007 is already a thing of the past and an event many would be speaking about for quite some time. From junior to super-seniors, the event saw the participation from all agencies with the exception of O&M and Lowe.

Executives spent the three days — between the Advertising Conclave and the GoaFest — on the beach, parasailing and jet-skiing and making visits to the conference halls and ad-display areas. The Crocs stalls and the flea market even added more colour to the festival this year and the general consensus from people present at both the events was that GoaFest 2007 was a lot better than GoaFest 2006, and the expectations for 2008 are even higher.

Speaking on the event, Sam Balsara, CMD, Madison Communications, said, “GoaFest was an exciting thing for the industry professionals, especially for the juniors who get to see the fun side, so to say, of the industry. The event itself was very participative and I think that makes all the difference too.”

Ravi Kiran CEO-South Asia, Starcom Mediavest Group, thought the effort of the event was appreciable and that it was good to see something like this done for the industry. On the awards front, he was of the opinion that a little more needed to be understood; in terms of the categories for the media awards and that he expected this to improve naturally in the coming years.

Mahesh Chauhan, President, Rediffusion DY&R, was clear that even as the event was done wonderfully and was a marked improvement from what was seen last year, the AAAI should resolve the industry conflicts. He said, “There cannot be any awards without O&M and more importantly, this is the time when the industry should come together and we should fight our battles, rather than losing focus on some turf wars.”

On the other hand, Vikram Sakhuja, COO, GroupM, South Asia, stated, “GoaFest is the best place to be — it is fun and engaging, and it has participation from all sectors of the industry. The event this year is much better than it was last year; and yes, there are areas that can be improved but there is always scope for improvement.” Donald Gunn, The Gunn Report, said, “This is the kind of event that has the scope to reach the global level. GoaFest is only in its second year now, but it is on the right track. If it continues like this, soon international delegates would be signing in to attend GoaFest.”

Trevor Beattie voiced a similar opinion, stating, “Of what I have seen of the event, it is organised brilliantly. It was great to see so many young creative minds together — competing and yet having fun. This is the way to go.”

The goals of GoaFest 2007 may have been achieved, but the industry is already looking forward to what the next year will hold in store.

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