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Indians spend more money on Net: study

Indians spend more money on Net: study

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 11:16 AM

Indians spend more money on Net: study A new study has indicates that the average Indian internet user spends more money and time using the internet than on other activities like television, video games and music. The average user is a 27-year-old (Sec A1), unmarried, working male with a graduate or post-graduate degree, market research firm International Data Corporation India said in a report. IDC provides IT market research to more than 3,900 technology customers worldwide. The report, finalized in September but released recently, shows: · Indians spending about 2.5 hours a day using a personal computer, while 1.6 hours are spent watching television and 1.2 hours reading books and magazines. · India boasts over 75 million television homes and the medium has seen exponential growth since cable television took roots in the country some time in the early 1990s. · The Internet user also tends to spend four times more money to use the Net than on video games. · Indians spend about Rs 596 ($12.76) (Sec A1) to access the internet every month compared to 147 on video games, 131 on video cassettes and the same amount on recorded music, Rs 110 on newspapers, 107 on magazines and Rs 132 on TV. · The majority of internet users in India were working people, either salaried or self employed. · Around 30 per cent of the respondents said they accessed the Net in office, 28 per cent said they used it at home while 24 per cent said they used cyber cafes. · Industry officials expect India's internet connections to exceed 5 million in 2002 from 1.6 million in August. The figure is projected to surge to 35 million by 2008. · With a population of over one billion and a rising use of personal computers, India is forecast to show one of the fastest growth in internet usage in Asia-Pacific. · Asia's typical Internet user tends to be a young man with an annual household income below $15,000 a year. IDC's study included the demographics, spending and analysis of the current usage pattern of various media in India. The survey was mainly targeted at individuals in 13 main cities. It defines Internet user as a person who is above 12 years of age, belongs to Sec A/B class and accesses Internet at least once a week from anywhere.
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