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Indian Web sites troubled by high response time

Indian Web sites troubled by high response time

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 2:46 PM

Indian Web sites troubled by high response time

The average time from click to response of the top 25 Web sites in India has been found to be a dismal 44 seconds compared to below eight seconds by top global Web sites according to a study.

Network security and high cost of managing in wide area networks (WANs) were the other major areas of concern among CIOs, according to a survey conducted by HCL Comnet on 714 top Indian corporates. All organisations participating in the survey had at least five offices, back end automation (ERP) and an e-strategy in place. The organisation include large corporates, dotcoms, ISPs and e-business players.

The difference in performance time for the top ten Web sites is 23 per cent. It has been found that, out of the total response time, 65 per cent is used for data transfer and 31 per cent is taken for redirecting and re-transmitting. The main reason for delay in response is due to inappropriate use of graphics and images.

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