Indian Net firms give security the go-by

Indian Net firms give security the go-by

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Indian Net firms give security the go-by

According to survey done by PricewaterhouseCoopers along with Confederation of Indian Industries, 60 per cent of companies of a sample of 72 companies have witnessed a security breach.

Dotcom companies or companies selling products or services were worse off as 72 per cent of them saw their IT systems accessed by unauthorised users. The survey says that a security breach may occur due to unauthorised entry into the IT infrastructure, fraudulent use of communication, computer viruses, theft of valuable corporate data, denial of service & manipulation of data, software or programs.

The survey covered 72 companies, including both dotcom and established brick-and-mortar companies. Though the sample size is too small to draw inferences for the security breakdown figures for all companies, this is the first time companies have actually admitted to substantial security problems.

Security breaches are not limited to hackers getting into a system for the sake of entry. Companies have actually witnessed revenue losses because of these security breaches. This loss may be due to loss of important data or industrial espionage. The survey revealed that 21 per cent of the companies surveyed actually witnessed a revenue loss, 58 per cent were unaware of the extent of the revenue loss.

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