TODAY´S NEWS promoters to set up two-wheeler portal at Rs 5.5 crores promoters to set up two-wheeler portal at Rs 5.5 crores

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A- promoters to set up two-wheeler portal at Rs 5.5 crores

The Sanghi Group, promoters of the country’s premier auto portal,, is in the process of setting up a dedicated portal for the two-wheeler industry — The investment involved in the new portal is Rs 5.5 crores.

The new portal will be operational in October. Indiacar is also in the process of shifting 250 two-wheeler dealers registered with the auto portal to the new portal.

With the slowdown in the automobile sector having a direct bearing on their operations, Indian auto portals are shifting focus towards technological and consultancy services rather than depending on traffic generated by the site for revenue.

Indiacar is planning to leverage its registered user base of 8 lakh users for tailoring solutions to market products. The portal is in the process of tying up with partners to promote a series of products.

The portal is in talks with Tata-AIG for their insurance products promotion, it is also doing promotion work for Timeshare resorts. The portal has also tied-up with Apnaloan for selling their credit cards.

Indiacar has also recently taken over two other auto portals — Cybersteering and Indiancar. They would integrate the sites with the parent site only after considerations of business generated or transacted. With Automart, the other major auto portal, gradually shifting to the brick and mortar format and with the taking over of Cybersteering, the third largest portal, Indiacar has started offering web solutions to dealers.

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