India lost out on Titanium for lack of work entered: Agnello Dias

India lost out on Titanium for lack of work entered: Agnello Dias

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Sunday, Jun 24,2012 7:01 PM

India lost out on Titanium for lack of work entered: Agnello Dias

While TapRoot’s work for the Bennett, Coleman and Company’s publication The Times of India, entry titled ‘A Day in the Life of India’, was shortlisted in the coveted Titanium and Integrated Lions but given the cutting-edge work from media companies this year, the shortlist has not converted into a Lion.

India’s performance per se is disappointing but jury member, Agnello Dias, Chief Creative Officer, TapRoot India stated that he was surprised that good work from India that had won Integrated Awards and Grand Prix at Creative Abby 2012, had not been entered at Cannes Lions.

Aggi, as he is better known, said, “I was expecting to see Fox Crime from Ogilvy and Audi from Creativeland Asia but they were not entered and that was a surprise.”

The subcategory ‘Media’ in which ‘A Day in the Life of India’ was competing, is said to be one of the strongest sub-categories this year. Aggi observed, “We see more width in society today than depth. ‘More’ is taking prevalence over what is ‘better’. It is imperative that media as a category will be the harbinger of that new era and therefore there would be far larger number of media vehicles out there. As a result, probably a larger amount of media platforms will move from conventional to unconventional. From what I have seen, media is a strong example of that and is a reflection of what is happening to the society at large.”

The Titanium Grand Prix was awarded to Nike+ Fuelband done by R/GA New York. Jury President, Rob Reilly, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Crispin Porter + Bogusky said, “All Titanium wins were exceptional but this was a unanimous Grand Prix winner. It was a massive idea, where Nike and R/GA had taken a product made for runners, gave it scale and made it a mass product.” 

Nike+ Fuelband revolved on the idea that everything one did counted. Nike’s present mission as an organisation is creating products that are of service to people. This gave birth to the premise, ‘if you have a body, you are an athlete’, and has led to innovations such as the Nike+Fuelband.

Speaking on the category itself, Aggi said, “Titanium does not have a colour and anything that has won a Titanium contests for the Grand Prix. We spent more time discussing what a Titanium should be as the category redefines itself every year and you have a better sense of it at the end of the awards. But chances are that it would have a different definition the next year depending on the trends and the kind of work one would see then.”

There were no Integrated Grand Prix awarded this year.

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