India is now a network lighthouse for Lowe Healthcare division

India is now a network lighthouse for Lowe Healthcare division

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Wednesday, Feb 23,2005 7:29 AM

India is now a network lighthouse for Lowe Healthcare division

What's a lighthouse, you may ask? According to Tony Wright, Lowe's Worldwide President/CEO, India is now a network lighthouse along with Stockholm, Hamburg, Mexico City, Sydney, and Vienna, for the Lowe Healthcare division.

Meanwhile, a dozen of its offices, including those in Bangkok, London, Shanghai and New York, have been designated as regional centres where creative and other resources will be concentrated. Pranesh Mishra, President& COO, Lowe said, "The lighthouses have been chalked out as the key centres from which Lowe Worldwide would be running big multinational businesses and where experienced hands would be focused on solving creative problems. Since it is believed that some of the best and most profitable pieces of business for Lowe are in what consultant's term as non-core markets. How would this affect us? This is a recognition of the fact that some of the best brands have grown under the Lowe India courtyard, and that the business has grown visibly. It will also lend in more resources and backend support from the network per say, and highlight our presence in the international market."

Mishra added, "The whole purpose behind segregating the Lowe offices into lighthouses and regional clusters is to identify the main centres of opportunity and business, and to capitalise on them. We think that it would emphasise the fact that we have done a lot of good work, and it would map more prospects for us. We are a major hub, within Asia and obviously the network thinks that we have a long way to go."

Lowe Worldwide has around 84 offices across the globe. It is now transforming twelve of its geographic offices into local hubs, each with a specific skill set. Under the reorganisation, Lowe is seeking to return to its roots as a creatively focused agency, offering advertisers an alternative that lies somewhere between the boutiques hot shops and the global giants. In that niche, from the early 1980s through the mid-1990s, Lowe was widely recognised by advertisers as a creative force and grew briskly.

An international report states that London-based consultancy led by Ian Creasey, President of Lowe's Europe, Middle East and Africa region will be the centrepiece of the new strategy. It will utilise resources provided by Interpublic siblings, among them direct specialist Draft and PR agency Weber Shandwick. The same strategy was used by London shop Bartle Bogle Hegarty and US independent Wieden & Kennedy

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