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IMPACT Annv Spl: Jasmin Sohrabji’s 7 reasons to keep the faith

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IMPACT Annv Spl:  Jasmin Sohrabji’s 7 reasons to keep the faith

Every time we take stock of our changing mediascape, there will always be some counter-intuitive trends which we cannot explain easily, states Jasmin Sohrabji, CEO, OMD India, as she gives her reasons to keep the faith in tough times.

1. We are told our consuming audiences are getting younger and tech-comfortable; they communicate with devices that have screen sizes which defy TV viewing logic; but television continues to dominate our media plans, and with good reason. Television keeps re-inventing itself to keep itself contemporary enough to still stay centrestage. Television in its ever-inventing avatar helps us keep the faith.

2. Diwali-time FCT crunch and full page ads notwithstanding, everyone’s moaning about a slow economic outlook and their media budgets. And we all know when budgets are tight, we focus on the safe and tested (read: high reach). Still, we can’t get enough of digital media platforms! It appears there’s limited money to spend, but everyone’s got some for those hits, clicks and likes! In new platforms... we keep the faith.

3. In an industry so eternally driven by reach, GRPs, ratings and readership... niche magazines continue to launch with uninhibited enthusiasm. And niche TV channels cannot accommodate your spots... even on ‘Masterchef Australia’! Today’s breed of media practitioners don’t necessarily need the crutches of reach-and-ratings always. In niche, ‘they’ keep the faith!

4. After every IPL (or a long spell of cricketing tournaments), we say there is too much cricket... I, for one, never understood this statement. How come no one says there is too much of ‘GEC’ or too much of ‘Movies’ – these come daily and through the year, right? And as we watch CL T20, we are already talking about the upcoming England and Australia series! In cricket, thou shall always keep the faith!

5. As marketers realise the large potential of consuming classes in smaller town India (the non-metros; the ‘other’ India), everyone’s in the race to reach them better! And while we keep saying that the Net made newspapers quite redundant in the Western world, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens in India too... it is amazing how truly focused the print medium has been in delivering edition after edition, small town after small town. In the morning reading habit, we shall keep the faith!

6. Radio... a medium that has held its own in underdeveloped, developing and developed economies alike. A medium that deserves much more credit than it’s got in our mediascape. My belief is we still need to fully appreciate the medium’s true potential. A medium in which we are still able to keep the faith!

7. Finally, these and other mediums continue to stay in the race because of those who believe in them... media owners who keep showing us a new dimension of their medium; media planners and buyers who are open-minded and embracing of change; and clients who allow us to walk that talk. In all of them, we shall always keep the faith!


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