IMC 2015: Transformative change is the need of the hour: Juan Senor

IMC 2015: Transformative change is the need of the hour: Juan Senor

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Tuesday, Feb 24,2015 10:51 AM

IMC 2015: Transformative change is the need of the hour: Juan Senor

Transformative change is clearly the way forward for the magazine industry according to - Juan Senor, Partner, Innovation Media Consultancy, UK and Co-editor, Innovations in Magazines World Report, who spoke at the 9th edition of the Indian Magazine Congress yesterday. Senor who was one of the first speakers at the congress this year, set the tone for the day with his interesting presentation and is session titled “MediaMorphosis: The future of magazines and the magazines of the future’ touching upon integral points such as integration of management and editorial teams, tips on native advertising, increasing need for SEO and analytics desks for key decision makers to understand readers better and events as the way forward to fill the gap between print and digital.

Juan Senor’s 5 key drivers to in today’s evolving media scenario-

1.    Mobile will be the dominant platform
2.   Video will be the dominant mode
3.   Native advertising will be a dominant vehicle
4.   Programmatic will be a dominant method
5.   Big data will be a dominant factor when making decisions

In India the mobile moment has arrived; battery life has become more important than anything else he said in a lighter vein. Mobile has emerged as the 7thmedium, after TV, radio, print, celluloid  gaming, web and mobile.

In the mobile age, there are no weeklies, dailies and quarterlies. He also spoke about launch of magazines that are being launched exclusively for the mobile medium and cited Quartz as one such example.

Native advertising

Senor further spoke of native advertising and advised publishers to make it as good as editorial content , make content readers will want to share; humour is also a good way to present this content for a larger reader connect.  There are two ways to approach native advertising, either publishers give the ‘keys’ to advertisers or have a dedicated team of story tellers working on a commission basis.

Events the way forward

With print revenue continuing to decline and digital revenues not growing enough, events will fill this gap, he opined. However events need to be treated as content on stage, and overseen by senior editors in order to have lasting value and create a positive experience for the brand and the print product.

Transformative innovation the way forward

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and instead of incremental, radical innovation the need of the hour for the magazine industry today is transformative innovation.

Editorial and management integration is no longer an option, but an imperative. The key is to increase your speed and depth simultaneously, and make constant efforts to increase your foot print.

Gone are the days when magazine editors were only concerned with writing. Today if you cannot measure, you cannot manage, measurability is a key to understanding your readers better, and a dedicated analytics desk is a must. Stories today need to be conceived in both words and images.

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