I'm not pessimistic that we're going to have 'measurement dark period': Sam Balsara

I'm not pessimistic that we're going to have 'measurement dark period': Sam Balsara

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Tuesday, Mar 04,2014 9:08 AM

I'm not pessimistic that we're going to have 'measurement dark period': Sam Balsara

Sam Balsara, Chairman and MD, Madison World is optimistic about the Government giving TAM time to continue till BARC becomes active.

At the same time, Balsara also believes that media agencies’ job is getting tougher, because as advertising becomes more expensive, as CPR goes up, as cost of newsprint goes up, as cost of various other inputs go up, media owners have a right to demand more and more from what they offer, and to some extent rightly so as their costs are also going up.

He further said, “From advertisers’ perspective, the number of options are multiplying. So, where to spend, how much, what should be the reach, SOV objectives, what should be the levels – are all going to become million dollar questions that are becoming more and more complex to answer. That is why I say, the job of the media agencies is getting more difficult. Media agencies are becoming more critical in this entire continuum from the advertiser to the media owner.”

Speaking at the unveiling of the Pitch-Madison Media Advertising Outlook in Mumbai recently, Balsara clearly encouraged advertisers to spend, but given the current flux in the measurement system, how should advertisers go about spending?

“Whilst it’s true that measurement is very important in advertising and for media decisions, I’m quite confident that measurement in some form or the other will always be there,” he affirmed. “Don’t forget, whilst things change a lot in media – the more the things change, the more they remain the same,” he added.

Balsara noted that it’s not as if readership and viewership is changing dramatically or one will need minute to minute or week to week or even month to month reports. “We still have the old IRS data that is available to us; the new one will hopefully come out after March 31. We still currently have our ratings – I’m sure the government will be reasonable in its orders and allow TAM to continue till the time BARC comes out. BARC is gearing up to give us data sooner. So, I for one am not pessimistic that we’re going to have a ‘measurement dark period’ in both print and television for a very long spell,” he added, clearly optimistic about the measurement scenario, which seems to be in a state of flux for both print and television.

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