Igo to finalise new agency soon

Igo to finalise new agency soon

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Monday, May 30,2005 8:10 AM

Igo to finalise new agency soon

Mirc Electronics is selling a second-string brand Igo which is positioned slightly cheaper than its Onida range. The Igo brand name includes 14 inch TV’s from the Mirc stable, priced Rs 500-700 lesser than other national brands (including main brand Onida) and selling mostly in rural areas. Onida on the other hand is placed in the mid-premium to premium bracket, and derives a good part of its audience from urban and semi-urban areas.

After the disintegration of Lemon and its key accounts in recent days, Mirc moved its appliances range to Rediffusion DY&R (already handling Onida CTV’s for Mirc), while Igo was still left in a lurch and without a dedicated agency. Mirc has been insisting that Igo ought to grow, out of the Onida shadow and should be recognised as a separate entity in the market which is why, the marketing and sales team on the brand have also been kept separate from the rest of the crust. In line with that comes the decision to dedicate a separate agency for Igo.

A pitch was called recently, which featured the likes of Ambience, Euro and FCB Ulka. Said Nilesh Mazumdar, General Manager (Marketing), Mirc, “Igo has been selling in the black and white TV market since the last three years. In the 14 inch category, we command over 6 per cent of the all India market share. Our core audience comes from UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Kerala and other non-metro markets and we advertise mainly through Doordarshan for the same reason. We are also heavy on print and radio.”

Interestingly, Mazumdar stated that the media spends for Igo, this time around would be towards the tune of Rs 10 crore.

He explained, “The entire strategy of roping in a separate agency is to ensure that Igo grows as a separate brand and out of the Onida shadow. We recently recruited a lot many people in our sales and marketing team (for Igo) and are keeping this team separate from the one on Onida. The idea is that it should derive sustenance for itself, and derive sales independent of everything else. But Igo has a lot to look forward to since the rural market is zooming ahead at around 25 per cent annually, while the urban consumer market is lugging behind and growing annually between 7 per cent and 10 per cent.”

As a separate brand, Igo will see the introduction of more basic, stripped down models addressing consumers in the rural and semi-urban markets. Substantial volumes exist in the 14 inch and 20 inch segments in the lower end of the market, say industry sources. The total market could be in the region of two million to 2.5 million units.

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