Ignite Mudra celebrates the little girl in every woman in new Moov TVC

Ignite Mudra celebrates the little girl in every woman in new Moov TVC

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Friday, Sep 11,2009 8:23 AM

Ignite Mudra celebrates the little girl in every woman in new Moov TVC

Taking a step forward from the route of a problem-solution format, the new TVC titled ‘Janani’ for Moov, the brand from Paras Pharmaceuticals, celebrates the impulsiveness of ‘the little girl in every woman’ through different visual vignettes of women indulging in childlike behaviour. The TVC has been created by Ignite Mudra and produced by Chrome Pictures.

Speaking on the idea and the execution of the campaign, Sanjay Menon, ECD, Ignite Mudra, explained, “The insight that was used was that every woman has an impulsive, childish streak. The actions manifest itself in various situations like doing something conventionally in a male domain (like riding a Bullet) or little vindictiveness (getting back at a mischievous kid). They can now go ahead and give vent to those impulses, knowing that Moov is there if something happens.”

On the objective of the campaign, Menon said it was simple: ‘Body keeps up with the mind’. He added, “The mind is known to take certain flights of fancies, which the body at times prohibits from enacting, fearing pain. Moov liberates the mind by physically equipping your body to keep up with it.”

Taking this point further, Akash Neel Dasgupta, the copy writer for the campaign, said, “The campaign objective was to drive goodwill for the brand amongst women of all age groups and regions (pan-India feel) and establish a very strong emotional connect, which was felt missing in earlier communications. Also, there had to be a unified, extendable brand idea for Moov.”

Speaking on the creative approach, Dasgupta explained that the first thing that the creative team felt was not to make the communication regressive. Moreover, the campaign needed a binding thought, which was later articulated in just word ‘janani’. The executional idea was to interestingly juxtapose ‘janani’ in the audio with a child-like impulsive side of a woman in the video. The execution itself was laced with a few insights about women – like women love to do things in the male domain once in a while (the Bullet sequence), that there is a child-like vindictive impulse in every woman (the puddle sequence), etc.

The overall investment for the making of the campaign stood at around Rs 90 lakh for the TVC. The film was shot on location in Kolkata over five days. The film is directed by Amit Sharma. This is complemented by an evocative jingle written by Akashneel Dasgupta and Swanand Kirkire and sung by Mohit Chauhan, ‘Taaki Shareer Bhi Le Mann Ki Udaan’.

The TVC is also supported by print and outdoor media. The film will also be seen in a viral format.

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