Idea: What does the ad say?

Idea: What does the ad say?

Author | Minita Kumar | Tuesday, Jul 16,2002 8:12 AM

Idea: What does the ad say?

The audio has a female voice singing a telephone number repeatedly and the visual features different slice of life situations. That's how the latest commercial for Idea Cellular goes. But what is the value proposition behind the campaign? We tried to find out…

Says Manosh Sengupta, Marketing Head, Idea Cellular, "We are trying to establish a new brand entity, that carries with it, the promise of its vision - innovate; stimulate; liberate. Our brand statement, 'Idea', is about ushering a qualitative change in one's life. The ad film captures a gamut of emotions, and through these emotions, makes its statement. The metaphorical use of the numbers in the TVC is instrumental towards bringing about this change."

But the TVC seems to confuse quite a few. Although it gets noticed, it doesn't seem to make much sense to the common people. If decoding the ad is a problem, how is it any good?

Comments Samit Sinha, CEO, Alchemist Brand Consultancy, "I believe that the ad was meant to create an identity for the brand Idea, build a distinct personality, break the clutter and get noticed. I don't think that the communication was meant to be decoded, and in that sense, it is a good ad."

Idea, a Birla, Tata and AT&T cellular company, has been trying to establish a brand identity for itself via a series of print ads and now its TVCs. A Rs.25000 million project, Idea, in the fiscal year 2001-02, is investing around Rs.5000 million in its network, to build a formidable position in its markets. The campaigns, along with the tagline for Idea - 'An idea can change your life' have been created by Lowe.

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