Idea walks the talk with a health proposition

Idea walks the talk with a health proposition

Author | Qashish Chopra | Friday, Jul 03,2009 8:27 AM

Idea walks the talk with a health proposition

Continuing with the ‘socially relevant’ elements in its ads, Idea Cellular’s latest TVC tackles the issue of health and fitness. Brand Idea has come up with a simple and effective solution to get people to move around more – ‘Just walk when you talk’.

The TVC portrays Idea’s brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan essaying the role of a doctor, who discovers how people can get fit by simply ‘Walking while talking’ and advocates this idea to the general public. While responding to a journalist’s query on whether technology was making people lazy and unfit, Bachchan Jr says that people can be fit by just ‘walking and talking’. Soon, this message sweeps across the country through TV, turning it into a mass movement. However, the doctor’s ‘idea’ leaves him swatting flies in his chamber as his patients get fitter and healthier.

On the brief given to Lowe, Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular, said, “It is our fifth leading thematic campaign. The challenge was to come up with a refreshing new idea that celebrated the power of mobile telephony. It was definitely not a traditional brief that we gave to Lowe. There were many ideas, but the one focussing on health and fitness and making it a trend suited us the best, so we decided to take that forward.”

He added, “It was definitely not a linear process of thought and we are happy to receive such an overwhelming response in just three days of its launch.”

On the conceptualisation of the TVC, Tarun Chauhan, Executive Director, said, “The ad was created from a simple thought of telling people that walking while talking kept one healthy. It stemmed out of a thought that was simple and very basic. It was the output of an idea of keeping people informed, which we have done in our previous campaigns as well.”

Idea is looking at a 360 degree advertising strategy with a range of on-ground and digital activities around the theme of ‘Walk & Talk’ to mobilise people across different walks of life, age-groups and societies and get them to walk for fitness.

The main people behind the ad include R Balakrishnan, NCD, Lowe; Tarun Chauhan, Executive Director, Lowe; Ashwin Varkey and Jaywant Dabholkar; Taranum Romani, Account Management, Lowe and Surya Kishore, Planner, Lowe. The production house is Chrome Productions, while the TVC has been directed by Amit Sharma.

Idea campaigns have been fresh and carry a touch of social relevance while exploring the power of category. The previous campaigns around ‘Participative Governance’; ‘Education for All’; ‘Championing a world in which no one suffers from the disability to communicate’; and ‘Championing a world without Caste’ have been huge hits amongst the audiences, making its tagline, ‘What an Idea, Sirji!’, a popular metaphor.

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