ICICI Prudential launches corporate ad ‘Jeetey Raho’

ICICI Prudential launches corporate ad ‘Jeetey Raho’

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, May 28,2007 9:12 AM

ICICI Prudential launches corporate ad ‘Jeetey Raho’

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has moved away from its proposition of ‘protection’ that the brand was on for the last five years. In its newly launched campaign ‘Jeetey Raho’, the brand has taken a wider approach of ‘goals guaranteed’. R Balakrishnan (‘Balki’), National Creative Director, Lowe, has created and conceptualised the campaign, and Mad Films has produced the ad film.

Amer Jaleel, Executive Director, Lowe, shed more light on the thought process behind the campaign. He said, “It’s a simple thought about the non-financial benefits of insurance -- the insurance guarantees your future, takes worries off your head, and a tension-free life is a better life, if not a longer life. I think for the first time we are talking about the person who buys insurance and the immediate benefits to him, as opposed to those he leaves behind.”

ICICI Prudential believes that there is shift in customer attitude towards insurance and the campaign reflects that. Life insurance is increasingly seen as an assurance that would help one meet his goals, whether it is wealth creation, retirement planning or saving for children’s education. This communication shows a shift from an emotionally driven campaign to a more rational platform

Sharing more on the details on the making of the campaign, Jaleel added, “Balki wanted an extremely casual and new age style to the brand, as he believed this would make it aspirational as well as make sense to the modern guy. We were delving on this and came up with ‘Jeetey Raho’ as the brand thought. It’s the opposite of what people think when they think of insurance, and we thought it made sense to establish this reverse thought.”

The campaign has taken the traditional route and would be seen on television, outdoor and print mediums. It would stay on-air for the next three to four months.

According to Jaleel, one challenge in the making of the ad was the portrayal of the argument. He said, “We did not want the woman to look too aggressive or over-smart or the man to look too dependant on a woman for advice, that took a bit of crafting!”

The commercial begins with a married couple conversing on insurance and the wife requesting the husband to sign the insurance papers. From there, the conversation is on the benefits of investment, where the wife explains to the husband that insurance is not just about financial support after someone’s death but also is guarantee for education, old-age pension and hence a tension-free and longer life. The ad ends with the tagline ‘Jeetey Raho’.

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