Hutch launches new commercial on ‘Mobile Manners’

Hutch launches new commercial on ‘Mobile Manners’

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Thursday, Feb 23,2006 7:38 AM

Hutch launches new commercial on ‘Mobile Manners’

At a time when mobile operators are trying to woo customers with a plethora of services, Hutch and O&M have created yet another campaign that cuts across this trend. The two films that are currently on air focus on 'Mobile Manners'.

Elaborating on the campaign, Naveen Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, Hutchison Essar, said, "We have paid attention to this concept because we are different. Also, the cellular business is expanding leaps and bounds and it is all the more reason why a campaign on mobile manners, which specifically targets the space of not clicking pictures of people without permission and selecting ringtones wisely, make a whole lot of sense now. Hutch belongs to consumers and it's a warm brand, thus we thought that it was time for us to begin educating the consumers."

“There are times when we need to be sensitive about using mobile phones and so this particular campaign is more in the area of mobile etiquette. Here we are not trying to be preachy but just advising users. In fact, this is the first time somebody has attempted to help educate the people on mobile manners,” Chopra added.

One of the advertisements shows a father playing with his young kid and when he tries to click his picture on his phone, the son throws away the mobile. Thus depicting the message of ‘do not click pictures without permission’. The other film talks about selecting ringtones wisely and not select tones that are irritating.

Besides the TVCs, the message is communicated through some hoardings.

Explaining the rationale behind the commercial, V Mahesh, Group Creative Director, O&M Bangalore, said, “The point of discussion here was how do we create higher ground for Hutch and what are the other ways through which we can bring Hutch closer to the consumers. The proliferation of mobile phones have led to bad etiquettes in selecting bad ringtones, clicking pictures without permission, which in a way is encroachment in people’s private lives. Thus, this new ad was created.”

In the next six months, there might be newer films made on the other mobile manners, which need to be adhered to, and as both Chopra and Mahesh said, there definitely would be newer topics to cover. The aim of the entire Hutch and O&M team is to position Hutch as a responsible brand, and the campaign will go a long way in establishing just that.

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