Hutch launches new campaign for its advanced mode of mobile search

Hutch launches new campaign for its advanced mode of mobile search

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Wednesday, Jun 13,2007 9:20 AM

Hutch launches new campaign for its advanced mode of mobile search

The campaign launched by Hutch titled ‘Search for anything’ introduces its new advance search on mobile. The campaign is the creation of O&M, while it is brainchild of Rajeev Rao. The TVC has been produced by Ramesh Deo Productions and directed by Abhinay Deo. The investment incurred is approximately Rs 70 lakh.

According to Rao, the idea was based on the brief of searching for just about anything with the help of MSN Live Search box offered by Hutch. He said, “Given the brief on search for anything, we started thinking of something that is not familiar or alien and try to search that. So the execution suggested using Eskimos making their way across a rural village and getting baffled looks from everyone.”

The TVC begins with a shot of people on a boat, where an Eskimo also stands with spear in hand. The TVC consists of consecutive shots of Eskimos in strange and uncommon situations, like walking in a field, packing themselves into an auto and an Eskimo passing by a pond. The TVC then shifts onto a common scene of an old man looking into his mobile, when suddenly a shadow falls on him and he realises that a huge group of Eskimos are standing right in front of him. Suddenly, his phone beeps indicating the search for ‘Eskimos’ is complete.

On the production challenges, Rao informs that the shoot of the commercial was quite tedious. He said, “We were shooting in Goa in 40 degree Celcius temperature. It was a very tough shoot for the actors who were cast as Eskimos. It was very tedious to be patient for a long time in those furry costumes in such kind of heat.”

The promotional activities begin with the TVC, followed by outdoor. About the outdoor segment, Rao said, “We have placed a hoarding at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai which has the words ‘Pigeon’ inside the screen of a mobile phone. The screen of the mobile phone resembles the MSN Live Search box available through the service. Interestingly, the hoarding has pigeons flocking to sit on or near it.”

The campaign will by on-air for another month.

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