How Coke's Facebook campaign drove consumption in tier II, III cities

How Coke's Facebook campaign drove consumption in tier II, III cities

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Feb 03,2015 10:33 AM

How Coke's Facebook campaign drove consumption in tier II, III cities

Coca-Cola India turned to digital to increase the brand’s presence in tier 2 and 3 markets of the country last summer. The beverage maker launched a five-week campaign (May 26-June 30, 2014), targeting feature phone users on Facebook to increase the purchase intent of Coke.

The campaign aimed at influencing teetotalers and positioning Coke as the preferred refreshing drink during summers.

Reprise Media was the creative agency for the campaign. Using Facebook’s audience insights, the agency profiled the target group, while Coca-Cola India used a combination of demographic, geographic and device-based targeting on Facebook to reach them. The brand targeted youngsters in the age group of 16-30 years in seven states on feature phones.

The Facebook insights revealed that youngsters had a great liking for actor Deepika Padukone, Coca-Cola’s brand ambassador. The beverage maker devised a creative strategy, featuring Padukone in photo ads on mobile news feed. The creative copy positioned Coke as a great refreshing drink for summers. Coke opted for a mix of English and Hindi ads.

The campaign was successful as Facebook helped Coca-Cola reach consumers, previously considered ‘unreachable’, on digital. The brand saw a considerable lift in ad recall, purchase intent and message association, which was measured by Nielsen Brand Effect.

“Our (Facebook) campaign proved that we could reach people, who were considered ‘unreachable’, through digital. This is a unique mobile initiative and it has given us new groundbreaking capability. We are thrilled, especially with the impact our campaign had on purchase consideration among people without much exposure to our brand online,” said Wasim Basir, Director Integrated Marketing Communications, Coca-Cola India.

The campaign’s achievements are as follows –

1. An 11-point increase in purchase intent in English-speaking markets (Nielsen Brand Effect for Facebook)

2. A 16-point lift in message association in Hindi-speaking markets and a 6-point lift in English-speaking markets (Nielsen Brand Effect for Facebook)

3. A 13-point lift in ad recall in English-speaking markets and a 9-point lift in Hindi-speaking markets (Nielsen Brand Effect for Facebook)

4. Over 10 million Indians reached at a cost of 0.32 rupees per contact

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