Hollywood to set desi screen on fire

Hollywood to set desi screen on fire

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Tuesday, May 29,2007 9:35 AM

Hollywood to set desi screen on fire

NEW DELHI: Hollywood's feast at the Indian Box Office is only getting bigger. After the stupendous success of Spider-Man 3, blockbuster flicks such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (POC 3) and Shrek 3 are expected to set the box-office on fire.

As per industry estimates, both the movies together are expected to gross around Rs 60 crore. Scheduled to be released on Friday, it will be a double whammy for multiplexes as they expect more than 80% occupancy with BPOs, call centres and other corporate bookings already underway.

Says Uday Singh, managing director, Sony Pictures, “ We are releasing about 300 prints of POC 3 across the country and expect to double our revenues as compared to POC 2.”

POC 2 had hit the screens with 200 prints and earned Rs 20 crore last year. Analysts expect POC 3 to make about Rs 35-40 crore at the Box Office. “Since POC 3 is being dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telgu, we believe it will reach out to a wider audience,” he added.

On the other hand, Paramount Pictures also expects to rake in the moolah with Shrek 3. “We are releasing Shrek 3 with about 40 prints, focusing on the metros. We expect our revenues to be up by nearly 200%,” says Jacinto Fernandes of Paramount Pictures India. Shrek-1 made an estimated Rs 2 crore at the Box Office, and the makers expect Shrek 3 to be one of the biggest animation movies ever.

Multiplex players are also bullish about their weekend revenues. Says Saurabh Varma, V-P, programming & distribution, Inox Leisure: “Business might get divided as both the movies are releasing in the same week.

We are expecting more than 80% occupancy for Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World's End and Shrek-3. While Pirates will attract more crowd in the evening and night shows, Shrek is expected to generate huge occupancy even in the morning shows.”

The female skew would also be more for Pirates as compared to Shrek with a bent towards 17-35 year olds lining up for the Johnny Depp starrer. Hollywood's success will only continue further with other big releases lined up during the year in the form of Ocean's 13, Transformer besides many others.

While the two Hollywood biggies battle it out at the Box Office, brands which have tied up with the movies will battle it out in the marketplace. Reliance, which would be launching POC 3 mobile games, will compete with Hutch.

Hutch has a tie-up with Shrek 3 for the same. Both McDonalds and Kellogs are offering Shrek 3 merchandise with their products. POC 3, on the other hand, has brand tie-ups with Weekenders, Lenovo and Portico, which will be launching products on the POC 3 theme.

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