Himalaya promises happiness with new TVC

Himalaya promises happiness with new TVC

Author | Shubha Kumble | Monday, Aug 09,2004 9:04 AM

Himalaya promises happiness with new TVC

With the entire shampoo market hopping on to the herbal and natural bandwagon, Himalaya shampoo, through its latest TVC, has taken the simpler route of ‘happiness’ to reach its audience.

A relatively new entrant in the cluttered shampoo market, Himalaya, first started with an ayurvedic positioning. With the brand’s complete makeover, the shampoos replaced their traditional, somewhat drab image with a more vibrant and modern look and feel. The latest television commercials have once again attempted to cut through the clutter and reach the consumer with a unique positioning.

According to Dipak Marwah, Senior VP at Contract Advertising, the brief the agency worked on was two-folded. “We wanted to create an ad that would not only cut through the clutter, but would also make Himalaya own a property,” he said. Contract realised that while some standard fare such as assurances of healthy and beautiful hair was required in any shampoo ad, there were ways of communicating the same differently.

This is where the agency hit the happiness angle. “Our research indicated the kind of importance people assigned to their hair. In fact, having a bad-hair day bore not only physical, but also emotional consequence,” Marwah said.

What resulted was the simple ‘Happy Hair. Hair You’ campaign. Contract brought out the highly emotive ad, which showed a woman going through different stages in her life – which found expression in her hair.

Adding a happiness quotient to the product was, according to Marwah, all the more easy given Himalaya’s ayurvedic heritage. “People still believe in the goodness of traditional treatments, but are looking for an easier access to it,” he said. Sharing an interesting insight, he added that despite this trust, consumers are not willing to wait for the results to be seen. “While consumers want a long lasting benefit, they want to see the results here and now,” he said.

Marwah is clear that the latest campaign is not addressing the total spectrum of shampoo users. “We are currently communicating to a niche group – one that is continually growing”. The new campaign is currently running its first three-month burst. Himalaya, which would be owning the happiness angle would be furthering the connect through future creatives. The success of the TVC is such that Himalaya has decided to extend it to its skin care products as well, which will go as ‘Happy skin. Happy You’. As Marwah said, it should work for the brand. “We are not only offering a physical benefit, but also a emotional one,” he claimed.

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