Hike pumps up 'desi cool' with new Made For India stickers TVC

Hike pumps up 'desi cool' with new Made For India stickers TVC

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Nov 21,2014 8:02 AM

Hike pumps up 'desi cool' with new Made For India stickers TVC

Taproot has created a new ad campaign for home-grown internet messenger Hike, to showcase stickers made for India that capture the essence and fun of local languages in communication.

Hike messenger attempts to connect India in its own ‘bhaasha’. 

The Indian youth is slowly turning into a homogenous blob of borrowed western culture and internet lingo which is perceived as cool.

But even today, when it comes to emotions, nothing connects us like our mother tongue. The insight thus was that we instinctively fall back on our mother tongue when expressing true love, happiness, anger or frustration.

And that's what the idea is based on, that even if English works just fine, the true expressions are hidden in your own language.
And Hike is bringing these real emotions to messaging with its language stickers.  Hence the refrain, " Mila le tu dil se dil ke taar, life ko thoda Hike kar le yaar.”

The ad also tries to show the diversity in expression and languages by using multiple languages in multiple situations. There is one for everyone, and for every time.

Hike messenger, which is made in India, is bringing the cool back to our roots.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike Messenger says “We want to offer our users the freedom to express. Of the 10 billion plus monthly messaging volume, stickers contribute to 30 per cent of the traffic, accounting for 3 billion sticker shares – and this number is growing rapidly. We truly believe India is a country of many countries – we stand united in our diversity.  Hike is made in India and thus this offering follows naturally; we’re localizing hike even further for the market by launching over 250 stickers in multiple languages catering to 11 distinct regions. It's been a big request from our 35M+ users to and we can't wait to see the response to our ad.”

Sameer Aasht, Head of Strategy and Business, Taproot India says, "Everything foreign is no longer cool. India has come a long way in identifying & accepting desi to be cool. Youth are embracing desi with pride. And in the latest campaign, Hike Messenger a made in India app is celebrating desi cool too!”

After all, a series of heartfelt interactions are the lifeblood for friendship, love, infatuation and even professional connections. Be it a cuss word, romance, angst or cheer; there’s a different charm when it is expressed in your desi lingo. Desi mother tongue speaks to the heart & that’s what makes it cool.”

You can watch the ad here:


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