Hewlett-Packard goes all personal with ‘Meet or Delete’ campaign

Hewlett-Packard goes all personal with ‘Meet or Delete’ campaign

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Oct 07,2006 9:53 AM

Hewlett-Packard goes all personal with ‘Meet or Delete’ campaign

Hewlett-Packard, has announced the India premiere of ‘Meet or Delete’ as a core component of its new global marketing campaign – ‘The Computer Is Personal Again’. The series, developed by MTV in collaboration with HP’s PC business, offers a new twist on getting to know someone and makes the computer ever-more ‘personal’.

‘MTV Meet or Delete’ celebrates relationships and offers an exciting way of getting to know someone, be it for dating, identifying next roommate or picking a new band member. The series follows college students as they size each other up and decide if they’d like to meet, based solely on their digital persona as reflected by the contents of their hard drives. MTV will produce four installments of ‘Meet or Delete’ in Asia-Pacific, with local episodes for India, China, Korea and Australia.

In the pilot episode for India, a Mumbai-based college girl, Akshita, is given unlimited access to the computers of three potential dates she’s never met. With the opportunity to explore the deepest reaches of the guys’ hard drives from a remote location and with nothing else to go on, she checks their e-mail, music playlists, pictures, recently visited websites, video files, IMs with their friends. The guys watch in horror as she goes deeper and deeper into their digital persona, finding info and files that they never planned to share with anyone. The India-episode of ‘MTV Meet or Delete’ goes on-air on MTV India on October 9.

Deepti Dang, Marketing Manager for the Personal Systems Group at HP India, said, “We’re delighted to partner MTV in creating more personal digital content that is always available, always connected. ‘Meet or Delete’ offers a fascinating look at the degree to which students now live their lives online. Beaded with HP’s global marketing campaign ‘The Computer Is Personal Again’, ‘Meet or Delete’ celebrates the highest echelons of personal relationships as a digital extension of each individual user.”

‘MTV Meet or Delete’ will utilise every linear television and digital MTV asset in India, China, Korea and Australia. HP’s new PC marketing campaign focuses on the highly individual and personal relationships people have with their computers. The worldwide campaign includes traditional, web and viral marketing elements, such as the ‘Meet or Delete’ series and the online community across key countries in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The privacy of all candidates featured on ‘Meet or Delete’ has been respected and protected. Permission was sought from all candidates for their PCs to be accessed by MTV and the show’s participants prior to the taping of the programme.

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