HDFC unveils new campaign for its pension plans on ‘self respect’ plank

HDFC unveils new campaign for its pension plans on ‘self respect’ plank

Author | Shikha Saroj | Saturday, Feb 11,2006 10:16 AM

HDFC unveils new campaign for its pension plans on ‘self respect’ plank

HDFC Standard Life has unveiled a new campaign for pension plans that aims to create awareness about the company’s range of pension solutions and reinforce the brand positioning of ‘self respect’.

The recent pension plan campaign positively captures the idea of old people living self-sufficiently rather than being dependant on others. This campaign aims to relieve the insecurity of retirement by effectively building around the idea of not needing financial help from anybody. The new campaign’s idea is – Yeh haath jab bhi badhein, dene ke liye badhein’ – and talks about how even post retirement, one can continue to be the provider in the family.

An official communiqué from HDFC stated, “Through this new campaign, HDFC Standard Life aims to tap into the huge potential that the ‘pension’ segment has to offer. Pensions is one of the fastest growing segments in the life insurance market and is expected to be a major contributor to the industry’s growth. This segment is growing because of factors like large number of working adults, growing life expectancy, growth in the number of nuclear families and increasing employment in private sectors making post-retirement financial planning important.”

Over the last year, HDFC Standard Life has used a well-defined and unique brand-positioning platform of self respect – ‘Sar utha ke jiyo’. Conceived by Leo Burnett, the current campaign is targeting urban middle class salaried individuals in the age group 40-50 years.

Nitesh Tiwari, Creative Director, Leo Burnett, said, “The aim of this new ad was to take forward the existing thought of self-respect. Most people fear losing dignity and importance in the family post-retirement. We wanted this campaign to not only take away the fear of retirement but also stress on the importance of continuing to provide for the family even when old.”

The TV commercial starts with a family (a young boy, his parents and grandparents) at a shopping mall. The little boy takes the grandfather over to a store window as he looks eagerly at a shiny bicycle. When the boy asks his grandfather to buy the bicycle, the grandfather looks at him and nods.

The film moves to a home setting with the grandfather on a chair, sipping tea. The boy’s father makes his way to the grandfather with an envelope in hand and hesitantly brings up the subject of the cycle that his son had wanted and offers money to his father so that he can buy the cycle and not let down his grandson. The grandfather calls out to the grandson and the little boy happily comes around the compound riding the new bicycle.

While the son is left speechless, the father lovingly asks him to keep the money. The last scene shows the grandson cycling between them as he rides off and the grandfather puts his hand across his son’s shoulder.

Kavita Kailash, Brand Director, Leo Burnett, said, “ Our aim was to capture the joy of providing for the family. The core message of the ad is that life does not have to alter in any way when one has retired.”

This campaign will also extend across innovative, non-traditional media to reach audiences through various touch points. Press, radio, outdoor, Internet and mobile will further support the new TV commercial.

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